Introducing “The Burger Boy”

Troy's burger cornerWell, I doubt he’ll let me call him that but he left for school before I had a chance to write this introduction and show it to him.   To say my oldest son loves burgers is a serious understatement.  The Vortex is famous for their burgers but you have to be 18 to enter… So, for at least 3 years Troy has had his 18th birthday entry on my calendar “lunch at The Vortex”.  It is seriously on my calendar. Now that he’s old enough to drive and legally transport one passenger he wants to drive all over Atlanta with various friends and eat fabulous burgers.  So…we struck a deal.   I’ll pay for the meals but he has to write a review for The Aha! Connection.   I asked him to keep it short, simple, rate the burgers, provide photos, and stick to my deadlines!   Everyone loves burgers so I hope y’all will enjoy this series! 

Please add a comment to this post if you have suggestions for burger places for him to try.  Keep in mind he is NOT interested in fast food like McDonalds or Burger King!

Below is his first review: 

Muss & Turner’s:  “The Burger”
By Troy Anders

muss and turner burgerMuss and Turner’s, a Vinings bistro, is known for “The Burger.”  I would say this name suits it well, as the actual meat of the burger is what makes it pretty good. “The Burger” is grilled on a Big Green Egg. It is made with grass-fed beef, topped with a roasted poblano pepper, melted cheddar cheese, red onion, house-made cilantro aioli, and served on a French bun. The toppings are okay, but the meat is the main reason this burger is tasty. Nothing beats a nice thick burger cooked on a Big Green Egg. This burger comes with a pickle with the flavor of your choice on the side. Very solid.

Troy’s Rating: 7 out of 10 

Muss & Turners

1675 Cumberland Parkway
Suite 309
Smyrna, GA 30080

6 thoughts on “Introducing “The Burger Boy”

  1. Troy,
    You have to try the Bison burger at There in Town Brookhaven. It is the best in town. Way better than Ted’s Montana Grill. And I’ll treat you There anytime you want to try it!! That Bar/Bistro is kind of like “Cheers” (ask your mom what that is)!!
    Happy burgering!

  2. Go Troy Go! I love it! I don’t know if your Mom told you or not, but I texted her over the holiday to get a rec for your favorite burger restaurant around the Atlantic Station area. This is a great addition to Aha!

  3. Hate to tell you, but as of 1/1/15 the Vortex does not serve 18 year olds. You now must be 21 to have a Vortex burger. My 17 1/2 year-old daughter is not happy it.

  4. Try Moxie Burger at the corner of Johnson Ferry and Paper Mill Road
    AND the zucchini fries are amazing! All kinds of burgers to order; even have one with pimento cheese and fried green tomatoes

  5. T: ok-you let me know-but I LOVE a great burger, BUT I don’t want all that fancy stuff on it. Just like a back yard burger-lettuce, tom, pickle, mayo, must, etc. I would truly be interested in your advice on a great down home burger! Teds Montana grill might be the best I’ve had-but I KNOW you’ll know a better (non chain) burger out there! Don’t worry-we can all go to the vortex @ 18 and eat it on the curb out front!
    Great add to aha!!

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