Foodie Frenzy-Week #13-Lee’s Bakery

 Happy 2015! I hope everyone had a relaxing and deliciously food filled holiday!

If you are looking for a New Year’s dieting tip or a way to stay true to your weight loss resolution then you have come to the wrong place.  We are staying on task with exploring tasty and unique eats currently with a focus on Buford Highway.

On New Year’s Eve, my daughters and I were taking a friend home that lives in Brookhaven. With dogs in tow and plans to take them to a local park for exercise, instead of getting the usual Subway, I got a spontaneous urge to grab some food to go at Lee’s Bakery. Lee’s was on my back burner after Audra finally admitted that she “cheated” on me and went to Lee’s with another friend thinking she was only going for a croissant. Little did she know, Lee’s has so much more to offer! Many of you have probably heard of or have tried Lee’s Bakery because of their rave reviews for their Banh Mi sandwiches. They supposedly serve up the best Banh Mi in the city.

Lee’s is located in a strip center (what a surprise) near the Dresden Drive/Buford Highway Intersection.   I had read previously and made notes about recommended dishes, but since it was a whim, we just had to wing it. We ordered 3 grilled pork and 3 grilled chicken banh mi sandwiches and 2 orders of shrimp spring rolls.

The banh mi sandwich is made up of a generous sized French baguette that is crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside and filled with crisp cucumbers, carrots, cilantro, daikon and your choice of seasoned meat. They will ask when you order about whether or not you want fresh jalapeno as well. The jalapeno is a nice complementing flavor but is obviously fiery hot. If you are on the fence, go with the jalapeno because it is easy to remove if it has you crying too much.

The six sandwiches and two orders of spring rolls were more than enough to satisfy my family of four for a grand total of about $25. Since we had two sandwiches to spare, we took them to our neighbor’s, the Kerns, for their opinion also. Matt was the only one home and obligingly woofed down both sandwiches. We all agreed that the grilled pork banh mi was the definite favorite over the chicken. Alaina and Sophia were anxious to try the spring rolls but were disappointed in the overall flavor and the toughness of the shrimp.

When I go back to Lee’s (and I definitely will), I will order the #1 combo consisting of ½ banh mi sandwich and beef pho noodle soup. Upon looking back at my notes, that is the overwhelming favorite thing to order and it only sets you back $6.50.

Be sure to pick up some freshly baked French bread to take home! You can get 3 loaves for $1 or 10 loaves for $3. They are great for making school lunches!

Lee’s Bakery
4005 Buford Highway
Atlanta, GA 30345
Mon-Sunday 8-8


Food: 3.0 (but I think it has the potential to be much higher with the right order)
Service: 3.0 (we just ordered at the counter for to go)
Ambiance: 2.0 (definitely nothing fancy)


Until we eat again!



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