Kwality Ice Cream ~ Audra’s Review

by Audra H Anders for The Aha! Connection

I will admit that ice-cream is not one of my weaknesses.   I like it but I can easily do without it.   However, my hubby is ADDICTED to ice-cream.   So my oldest and I were getting ready to leave TGM and he decided to see if he could find a new ice-cream place to grab some ice-cream for Dad.   Kwality ice-cream happened to be on our way home so we set out to Abernathy Square to check it out. It is in the Publix shopping center a few doors down from Ippolitos.

According to their website, Kwality Ice Cream has a reputation for making the finest “ALL-NATURAL ICE CREAM” in the world. Kwality Ice Cream carries over 36 gourmet ice creams and specialize in Cassata, Kulfi and Eggless Ice Cream Cakes.  We noticed typical ice-cream flavors like cookies and creme, chocolate & vanilla, but there were some names I couldn’t pronounce (sitafal, rajbhog, malai kulfi, kulfi falooda & paan masala)  and some unusual choices like fig & walnut (my choice) and coconut (Troy’s choice) and the minute I saw “butterscotch” I knew to get that for Kirk.  We all thought the ice-cream was delicious.   It was not lite but it was not heavy.   We aren’t sure why… Possibly because it is 100% vegetarian made with no eggs?

We ate it so fast I forgot to take photos of our order! The employee helping us was from India and told me the owners were also Indian and that this is typical Indian ice-cream.  I’m sold.   We will go back and try the Indian flavors next time! 

Kwality Ice Creams – Atlanta
6631-D Roswell Rd
Sandy Springs, GA 30328

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