Lately at Lunch with Lauren: Wright’s Gourmet Cakes + Leftover Magic + Myungrang Hotdog

Recent excerpts from our Lunch with Lauren Facebook Group by Lauren Townsend for The Aha! Connection

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For everyone looking for their Wright’s cake fix. Go to Porter BBQ & Brewery  for bbq, stay for cake 🍰

I love when random stuff from my fridge/freezer come together for a delicious meal. Skirt steak seared with salt and pepper then finished in the oven. Premade polenta in the tube, reheated with stock and demiglace. Corn and cherry tomatoes, which, in a perfect world, get a would have been ideal, but I had Parmesan. And chimichurri, which is my favorite partner to skirt steak. I like a traditional chimichurri, but I also like to use what I have on hand. So this is parsley, basil and cilantro (vs. parsley and oregano), with white wine vinegar, garlic, evvo, chili flakes and salt/pepper. I like to add nuts to mine because I think it rounds out all that acidity.

Some days you need a salad with pears, walnuts and champagne vinegar and some days you need a hot dog with mozzarella fried with potatoes, rolled in sugar, topped with chili sauce, mustard and honey butter powder. Other days you eat both because you had a salad for lunch and forgot you ate because it’s just lettuce and fruit and buy yourself a fried potato cheese hot dog at Myungrang Hotdog Doraville 명랑핫도그 도라빌 (in the super H mart food court)