Meet Tiffany – One of the girls who stops traffic on Mt. Vernon every day!


Note from Audra:  My friend Stephanie walks 12 miles per day pushing her toddler all around the streets of Dunwoody.  Stephanie is probably the friendliest person I know and she mentioned to me recently that she has been chatting with the “GIRLS” who stop traffic for the current Mt. Vernon Road construction project.  Several friends joined in the conversation discussing how interesting it is that there are “GIRLS” in this job and how we all see them every day lately and are curious about them and their jobs.   So…we talked Stephanie into interviewing the Mt. Vernon Traffic Stopping Gals!  We’re starting with Tiffany and hope to feature the other “GIRLS” soon!

Submitted by Stephanie Kayhan:

This is Tiffany.  I told her that so many people have noticed the fact that there are girls directing the traffic on Mt. Vernon, and considering that we’ll be seeing them for the next few months, we’d love to get to know each one of them.  She was a little reluctant at first, probably because she was a little taken aback at my request, but once I started talking with her, she opened up and became excited about her chance  to be a little “famous” in Dunwoody and mentioned on a blog with her picture! 

So…Tiffany told me that all of the girls are friends and have worked together many, many times over the years.  All of them are a part of an organization that helps women who are going through a rough patch in life.  Tiffany said, “We’re really like family.”  My understanding is that this organization is subcontracted by a company that controls similar traffic jobs all over Atlanta.  The girls are all single moms who are working hard to make a life for their kids.  Tiffany has 3 boys…12, 9 and 7.  She says they are her heart and soul and she works to give them as good a life as she is able. 

I asked her questions about what kind of routine they have for directing the traffic.  She says that they treat it like a 4-way stop usually with the intersections involved.  But, depending on the time of day, she says she counts 25-40 cars when she can see the line, and then lets that number go before she flips to “STOP.”  Tiffany said that the Dunwoody people have been very friendly, often waving and that so far, none of them have been ‘ugly.’  That made me smile. She has gotten nervous a few times when they have a ‘runner.’ (a car that disregards her direction)  She said that when that happens, collisions are possible and an accident would be just awful.  She mentioned that not too long ago, a driver didn’t heed warning when one of the big trucks was hauling the pipes that they’re working with and as it was backing out, one of the pipes almost hit the driver’s car.  She stressed over and over that she’d really appreciate it if people were careful and followed direction.  Their main focus is safety and efficiently moving traffic. 

I asked her about lunch breaks.  She said they don’t get any.  It’s all a group effort and when any of them need a bathroom break, they have to coordinate via walkie-talkie.  She said that a few drivers have given her bottled water and she is greatly appreciative, especially since it’s been so hot out.  She told me that she loves fruit and that would also be a very well-received gesture should anyone feel so inclined to offer a little treat.  When I asked her about what she thinks about when she’s standing out there, she laughed.  She said that she daydreams and thinks about what she’s going to make for dinner.  I asked her if she takes notice of the cars and sees any that she’s really liked.  She said, “I’ve seen a lot of Porches.  You don’t see many of those in the other places we work.”  I joked with her, asking if she was working on her tan, as I noticed that on the barrel she was standing by, was a bottle of suntan spray.  She laughed again and said, “Yeah, I guess. What else am I going to do?” 

I’ll ask more questions and talk with the other girls so you can get to know them a bit, too.  So as you all drive down Mt. Vernon, smile and wave at Tiffany.  Porche drivers, honk and give your special hello.  And know that it can be hard to stand out there for 8 hours – no chairs allowed…so keep in mind that Tiffany would always love a bottle of water and I’m sure you’d be thanked with a smile and very polite, “Thank you, Ma’am or Sir.”  Dunwoody is a wonderful place to live.  

You are rich according to what you are, not according to what you have.

21 thoughts on “Meet Tiffany – One of the girls who stops traffic on Mt. Vernon every day!

  1. I saw the ladies the other day and was very surprised… much prefer the ladies as they are always smiling!!!

  2. Audra and Stephanie,
    Thanks for sharing Tiffany’s story. I noticed these ladies on Monday and thought it was interesting they were directing traffic. They’ve done a good job and now that I know their story, I am even more appreciative . I’ll be sure to thank them and bring along treats next time I drive by. Perhaps you would consider publishing more “day in the life of” or “get to know…” of those who work in Dunwoody but rarely receive attention or recognition. I think it would be a big hit.

  3. Joyce,
    I can already tell that this “traffic girl” piece is going to be a HUGE hit. We’ll definitely keep looking for similar fun stories on the people of our community. Love spreading the positive 🙂

  4. Great idea! Thank you Stephanie for thinking of this and Audra for spreading the word. I’ve noticed the ladies out there too since it’s so unusual. Looking forward to hearing about the others.

  5. Sweet post about the girls! I know it’s hard standing out there all day and I do appreciate them directing traffic on Mt Vernon and keeping the cars flowing. Will bring a treat by soon!

  6. Great story. You ladies read my mind. I always wondered about them as I drove by. Thank you for sharing Tiffany’s story. Look forward to reading about others.

  7. Great job, Stephanie! You certainly have a knack for being the roaming reporter! So thrilled that you both saw our funny conversation through to something really cool!!

  8. Thanks so much for pointing out what great job they are doing. I noticed the ladies working from the first day and have been thinking how hard a job that is and worrying about how hot/thirsty/hungry they must get. I really appreciate all the hard work they are doing and will make an effort to bring them water and goodies when I can. Great idea for a story.

  9. Audra, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for running a really nice piece on the “Mt. Vernon Rd Traffic Gals” in today’s edition.

    It’s so nice to put a name and a person behind the hard work that goes on by the contractors working on projects in the city. Not only was it special to hear Tiffany’s story but also so good to hear she’s dedicated and concerned about our safety. Here’s a contractor looking out for the people of Dunwoody and being treated nicely in return. I think it says something about all of us and that kind, positive interaction with members of our community makes Dunwoody such a great place to live. The reputation of a city and a community is earned by the respect it’s residents give to others. Personal interaction means a lot and goes a long way in demonstrating what we are made of.

    Thanks again for sharing Tiffany’s story.

    Bob Mullen
    Marketing & Public Relations Director
    City of Dunwoody

  10. What a great idea to post about these girls. They are here with our community for a while and it is nice you are giving them the opportunity to tell their stories and allow us to welcome them to Dunwoody. It is a win-win!

  11. Bob,

    Thanks so much for your kind note. I really can’t take credit though. Stephanie Kayhan is the inspiration behind the whole idea. I just gave her the vehicle to spread her loveliness .

    I knew this idea would be a hit but I’m overwhelmed with the positive response!

  12. So great to know Tiffany! I will be dropping some grapes by this week. Thank you Stephanie and Audra.

  13. I especially loved Stephanie’s last line quote about being rich in spirit. So lovely to see this community being so, as much as possible…even if inconvenienced at times. Thanks for this great blog. Please keep it up!

  14. What a great story! These ladies work at the entrance to my neighborhood, so I see them daily, and of course I was curious when I saw that there were “girls” doing this job. So nice to learn a little about them. I’ll definitely be dropping some treats by on my way in out of the ‘hood. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Stephanie notices things that most people miss. She’s the perfect person to interview these important and inspiring ladies. Hope to read more from her in the future!

  16. I loved this story – thank you for sharing! I am really looking forward to meeting the rest of the girls!

  17. Audra,

    Loved the article on Tiffany and the other “girls” who are helping out with the construction. Looking forward to seeing the other profiles in upcoming Aha Connections. God bless them for their efforts to support their families.

    I have moved from Dunwoody (to Hilton Head–not that far away) and still love to read everything that you include in your publications.

    I was especially touched by the article on Tiffany because I am involved in an organization that supports educational opportunities for women. We own a women’s college in Nevada, Missouri–Cottey College–and support 4 grants and a loan for women who desire to return to school or pursue an advanced degree.

    P.E.O. is a philanthropic educational organization founded in 1869, so it has been around for quite a while. We have 66 chapters in Georgia (almost–a new one is organizing in June) and a number of them have members in Dunwoody. We are often looking for eligible women to support. Imagine, giving away or lending money at 2%! You can read a bit more at the website for P.E.O.:

    God works in wonderful ways. If you think we might be of help–to the “girls” or any woman needing an educational boost–let’s pursue it!


    A former Dunwoodian and fan of the Connection,

    Lea LaRoche

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