Men’s Gift Guide 2020

by Lauren Townsend for The Aha! Connection

My husband can be particularly hard to shop for. When I ask him what he wants, it’s always, “I don’t need anything.” Yeah, I get that, but I still need to wrap something up and he always ends up enjoying whatever random thing we find for him. Here are some ideas for the guys in your life to unwrap.

This flexible ambient lighting may seem silly, but it can drastically improve the tv watching experience. Yes, it back lights your television, but it can be used for camping or tailgating. It’s a fun tech toy they didn’t know they needed.

“Surprised, Eddie?… If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised.” Does your husband quote Christmas Vacation at any possible opening? I have to admit, I quote, “I don’t want to spend the holidays dead,” every time I ride in a car with my husband. These moose eggnog mugs will have him chuckling and quoting all to himself.

If Christmas Vacation isn’t their thing, there is no shortage of mugs out there to make coffee time special. I think I would enjoy starting my morning with this Marvel Infinity Gauntlet mug.

I love infusing liquors for cocktails. It has really caught on and these kits not only sound delicious with spiced orange or blueberry lavender, they also are pretty to look at. Get the mixology man in your life this alcohol infusion kit and maybe you both win.For the husband who is basically another child in your house, order this FUNBOY durable snow sled. It can hold up to 250 pounds and 2 riders. The bottom has reinforced vinyl and it comes with a rope in case he wants to drag the kids around. Don’t forget to preface it by saying, “I’m not taking anyone to the ER today.”

This umbrella is perfect for watching soccer games, tailgating, the beach or sitting in the driveway, socially distance drinking with friends. It actually stays in place and can swivel to keep protecting as the sun moves.

If you have an art or architecture nerd in your life, this puzzle will be a hit. This is a double-sided puzzle of Fallingwater or the Guggenheim and comes with an insert about Fallingwater and the building’s origins.Let the hot sauce connoisseur make his own mix for everything from tacos to bloody Mary’s. This kit teaches how to fine tune 500+ scoville units of more than five different types of heirloom peppers. 

A good pair of hiking boots is a splurge that I’m not sure my husband would make for himself. Living in Atlanta means no shortage of places to take a nature stroll or a mountain hike. These lightweight Merrells are insulated and waterproof.

Is he always losing something like keys, wallet or your dog? This Tile can locate objects up to 400 feet and is water resistant which could mean less sprinting after a loose dog.

Last, but not least, meat. As a kid, I can remember my dad loved getting a Hickory Farms summer sausage and cheddar cheese gift box. This sausage gift set from Bass Pro Shop is an elevated version. This gift includes elk, wild boar and venison and is super delicious. Another option is a jerky subscription. I had no idea there were so many jerky companies out there, but this is a fun way to explore.