Miraval Spa, Austin – a Review from the Aha! Style Editor

by The Aha! Connection Style Editor for The Aha! Connection

photos courtesy of the Miraval Facebook Page 

A friend texted me on Black Friday and said, “drop what you are doing and sign up for this Black Friday deal at Miraval Spa, Austin”.  Since you can cancel up to 30 days out, I clicked the link on the spot, and so began my “spa journey” … and I soon found out it was more than just massages and manicures!

Shortly after booking, an Experience Planner reaches out to you via email and begins to curate your experience.  It is easy to browse and select your experiences on the online portal.  I tried to select things I wouldn’t normally do at home.  I tried Cardio Drumming, Yin Reiki Yoga, Crystal Meditation, and Reflexology just to name a few.  I attended a smoothie making class and a class dedicated to “All about the Egg”.  They even have a farm where I was introduced to micro-greens and how to grow them.  There were also many activities such as equine therapy, fly fishing and challenge courses.  And, yes I spent ample time in a fluffy white robe doing some spa treatments.  

The accommodations are beautiful and the food is included in the upfront cost.  They change the menu every day and they have delicious meals for any palette or dietary need.  I started each day with a “Recalibrate Shot” which is beet juice, ginger, cilantro, cayenne, turmeric and oil of oregano.  I am not really sure all of its benefits but I had lots of energy for all my activities.  I usually swung by the cafe around 3pm to grab a protein coconut ball or a chocolate cookie made with cacao and avocado….both gluten free!

I was also “disconnected” from my phone during the day and limited myself at night and stayed off all social media.  They give you a “sleeping bag” for your phone to have some rest time of its own.  Being unplugged helps you be more present for your experiences while there.

I am excited to go back and take my husband with me.  Miraval is not just for ladies.  There were actually more men than women during my stay.  I met several young adults who had reached goals at work and were rewarded with a trip to Miraval.  It was really great to see how motivated these young people were to take leadership courses to get further promotions.  

I am hopefully going to visit Miraval Arizona and Miraval Berkshires one day soon!


Miraval Austin

13500 FM2769
Austin, Texas 78726



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