In our neighborhood we boo…do you?

cartoon_ghostSurvey Results:

66.4% Boo
48% Do NOT Boo
5.2% Have no idea!

Original Post:

We moved into our home in Meadowlake subdivision over 10 years ago in August.   Obviously, Halloween came soon thereafter.  One afternoon,  early in October, someone rang our doorbell.  By the time we answered the bell, nobody was there!    It must have been a GHOST?!   Because we received a note on our door and several Halloween themed treats for the boys.   Troy, who was 4 at the time, was BESIDE HIMSELF with GLEE!   Our note gave us specific instructions about what to do next…. and so goes the story of how a wonderful Halloween tradition was born in our home!

Tomorrow is October 1st, so in Meadowlake subdivision, this tradition will begin yet again.   I’ve learned over the years that most neighborhoods in Dunwoody follow this same (or a similar) tradition.

I thought it would be fun to take a survey to see how many of our Aha! Subscribers live in a neighborhood that boos!

At the same time I’m providing an example note from the Ghost and a Ghost to put on your door so that you can start this fun tradition in your neighborhood if you want to!


2 thoughts on “In our neighborhood we boo…do you?

  1. 1. Would love to do something like this in our neighborhood.
    2. They have in the past
    3. Since moving in six years ago, my kids and I have done this every year in our neighborhood, hoping it would catch on……it hasn’t but we continue to “play”, despite my children aging out of trick or treating.
    It is a fun way to pass it forward, even when you don’t see results, you hope it brings a moment of happiness to someone’s day. .
    4. Three years ago a neighbor left a “boo” on our door. I thought it was such a cute idea. No one has done it since. Maybe I should start the tradition again.
    5. We used to when our kids were younger!
    6. first I have heard of it
    7. All kids boo eachother; there are close to 15 houses w/ kids
    8. We did in our old neighborhood and we loved it! I only think you should boo someone who had age appropriate children though
    9. I tried to get this started in Kingsley last year, but after a few people, it died off. 🙁 Hopefully it will be started again this year!
    10. Love this time of year! We also started the “BOOZ” club in which a bottle of adult spirits is left rather than kids treats!
    11. Our neighborhood does nothing!
    12. Honestly I never boo anybody back. The kids are excited about it, but I am not as thrilled.
    14. We use to do this tradition and it was so much fun. I enjoyed it just as much as the kids considering Halloween is my favorite day. Now most of the kids are grown. I’m sure in a few more years we will start the tradition again!
    15. Wyntercreek subdivision
    16. I wish! We did this in my neighborhood growing up and I’ve always thought it would be fun to start here.
    17. Not really but we live on Vermack road and would love to participate. Sometimes our “sweet ” friends boo us anyway
    18. How fun!! I would love it if the N Springs neighborhood did this! If there is such a thing in our neighborhood, I’m not aware of it.
    19. We used to do it in our neighborhood (Wynterhall) but our kids are out of the house so we’ve been void of paranormal activity for a while now… Not sure if others are still experiencing it….
    20. Wynterhall – We call it “ghosting.”
    21. It is a friendly ghost “boo note” and we leave treats! Dunwoody Station
    22. we leave a package of goodies for the family….brooke farm sub….and we have no idea who leaves it. the knock and run
    23. DCF
    24. Have been in Kingsley since 2008 and have never seen this. But I don’t have kids, so that may be why.
    25. But my neighborhood is Briers North, so we do definitely have our very large Halloween traditions!
    26. The Kids love booing their buddies.
    27. Love it!
    28. I wish we did something like this. Sounds like fun!
    29. Dunwoody West and The Branches do “boo”!
    30. Wyntercreek
    31. Sounds like great fun!!
    32. Not my neighborhood but my friends do
    33. We even “booze” or “whine” the adults!
    34. But a prior neighborhood did… and I loved it! Thanks for giving me the reminder so I can get it going over here off of Andover Drive!
    35. Fontainebleau Boos
    36. We have very few kids – – but would have been fun when ours were growing up!!
    37. We have certainly gotten one before but it isn’t all that common.
    38. We live in Buckline Crossing and the kids love it!
    39. Dunwoody Station
    40. 13 years ago, when I move to Dunwoody from Orlando (big down there), I started the Boo in my little neighborhood.
    My children are older and the neighborhood adopted the tradition with the most kids fun things to do for Halloween. Love this country, neighbors and “traditions”
    41. We just moved into this neighborhood in May, but we did it in our last neighborhood and plan on starting it here soon!

  2. I did take the survey. In my profession I was talking to a patient and she said she was going to buy candy for ghosting in her community in Alpharetta. She said this subdivision has a ghosting chair. I thought she was joking. She has spent tons of money on this tradition and there are rules she had to follow. Ha Ha. Glad our subdivision was very informal. Thanks for making me smile!

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