SNS Info + Fall Nail Polish Colors! Which one would you like to win!?

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I love Fall nail colors and it is all about “Metallics” this fall!  Bold, edgy metallic colors were all over New York and Paris Fashion Week.  I am going to list my faves out rapid-fire style, cuz the time has come for us to discuss SNS.


Essie Sun-Day Style

Essie Sun Day Style:   This color sums up Fall 2019 in one color.  This deep gold metallic has so much depth.  I cannot think of one instance where this color is not the perfect color for any occasion this fall.  It screams “I CAN DO ANYTHING I SET MY MIND TO TODAY”!

OPI Nessie Plays Hide & Sea-K

OPI Nessie Plays Hide and Sea-K :  This metallic blue is a very unexpected Fall color.  It has the depth and sparkle of the ocean in Turks and Caicos but is 100 percent Fall.  It dances in the light and makes an all-black ensemble very fashion forward.

OPI Good Girls Gone Plaid

OPI Good Girls Gone Plaid:  While this one is not metallic it is a very deep violet that goes black.  It has the same effect as our old friend “Lincoln Park After Dark”, or Essie’s Wicked, but leaves you wondering, “What color is that, is it black, navy or violet”?  It goes on and stays on very shiny and catches the light.  


So SNS……I resisted it for years because I like to change my polish at least weekly to enjoy all the fun colors.  For those of you who are not familiar with SNS, it was created in 1990 and is a dipping powder style of nail color.  It uses no light and must be done by a trained professional and is best when removed at the salon.  The company’s website defines SNS as “powders that come with a base that is packed with nutrients —vitamins A, D, E and B5, plus calcium. The effect is dramatic. Instead of causing harm to the nail bed, every use of the new formula actually improves its health!”


I tried it last holiday season certain that I would wear it for 2 weeks in December to get me through the busy time and then go back to my beloved polish collection.  It lasts up to 3 weeks and does not chip AT ALL and remains as shiny as the day you left the salon.  The reason to redo it is that your nails grow out from the cuticle, not chipping.  I have continued to do it through this year because it is so convenient, long wearing and beautiful!  


  • The sign of a good SNS application is that the nail does not look really “built up” and thick.  It should look just like a fresh, normal manicure.  The Nails of Dunwoody does an excellent job at achieving this.
  • If the salon only uses a nail drill to remove the SNS, you are damaging the nail.  The proper technique is to gently file the tops, then soak in acetone swabs wrapped in foil for 15 minutes, then the polish should come off easily.

SNS COLORS:  Choosing colors can be overwhelming.  If you walk in a salon and say, “I want SNS”, they will hand you a lap full of samples to go through and it can be confusing.  I have watched people decide against trying it just because they could not choose a color.  Another problem is that most salons must make their own samples and therefore name or number their samples according to their own internal systems.  Often the number associated with a color is not universal.  Also, you can mix powders to create specialty colors…oh my.   The staff at The Nails of Dunwoody will help you choose one that is right for you and give you a matching toenail color in a regular polish if you wish.  One tried and true color there, that is a mix of powders they created, is a beautiful, natural pink.  If you go and say that you want SNS “Jessie’s Girl” they will hook you up and you don’t have to look at all the samples.  If the feedback is positive, I will report the colors that are winners in future Style Moments. Give it a try!  Please post questions and I will do my best to find the answer, since we are still in the SNS learning curve!   I’d love your comments about SNS too!

Ready, Set, Go Get Your Nails Done!  

p.s.  Audra wanted to add that her fave nail polish color of the season is Essie’s Sunrush Metal and it is on her toes now.  As for her fingers…she’s been doing SNS since the beginning of the year and LOVES it.  She likes to keep them short and clear but the SNS makes them strong and healthy!  Audra’s salon of choice is Lovely Nail next to Jersey Mike’s over on the east side of Dunwoody.

Essie Sunrush-Metal

Comment on this post with one of the 4 colors you’d like to win and we’ll give away one of each on Friday October 4th!

  1. Essie Sunrush-Metal
  2. OPI Good Girls Gone Plaid
  3. OPI Nessie Plays Hide & Sea-K
  4. Essie Sun-Day Style

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48 thoughts on “SNS Info + Fall Nail Polish Colors! Which one would you like to win!?

  1. I like them all but Essie Sun-rush metal is a nice change, but I think Good Girls Gone Plaid would be the perfect toe nail polish this fall

  2. I’m actually off to the Sea next weekend for a much-needed girls’ beach weekend, SO I vote “Nessie Plays Hide & Sea-K!”

  3. Sun rush metal looks like a fun fall color! I have a hard time getting brave enough to do anything but neutrals, but I could do this one!

  4. Good Girls Gone Plaid. I lost my Lincoln Park After Dark to my teenager!! Need to show her what’s next re colors!!

  5. Essie Sunday Style would be a great change for fall! Thank you for the info on SNS. I have considered this for a while but my techs explanation of why I should change did not convince me of the health benefits for my nails!

  6. I love Sun-Day Style!! Also love the easy to understand explanation of SNS!! Thank You!! Now, I’m finally in the know on this!!

  7. I like the Essie Sunrush-Metal. I love the Essie long-wear polishes. They last so much longer than regular!

  8. BLUE…BLUE…BLUE…always my favorite color…reminds me of the sea & sky & makes me happy…I’d love a bottle of OPI Nessie Plays Hide & Sea-K…please!!@

  9. Went to Nails of Dunwoody based on your recommendation to try S&S for the first time. Loved Jessie and her team!

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