Dunwoody High School Ring Found

FOUND! Dunwoody High School class ring was found. On one side, it has the Wildcats logo. On the other side is the name Daniel, a graphic and the year of graduation (which I will keep to myself to help the true Daniel identify this). If you know someone named Daniel, who graduated from DHS in the 90s, please forward this to him!… Read More »

Found Calendar Flew Out of a Silver SUV?

Hello Audra,

We had sort of an odd thing happen this evening (1/3).  We were waiting in the left turn lane (northbound) at Chamblee Dunwoody Rd. and Mt. Vernon when we noticed something seem to either fly out of a car ahead of us in the next lane or fall off the top of it.  I was able to pick it up – it’s a brand new 2018 calendar, still in the shrinkwrap. … Read More »

Help, my 84 year old Dad lost his Bible on Chamblee Dunwoody!

My dad, Deane Stokes, lost his Bible on the way to Genesis Bible Church (on Chamblee Dunwoody Road) last Sunday.  My dad is 84 years old and had a stroke last February.  He has church friends pick him up and take him to church each Sunday since he can no longer drive. This past Sunday his Bible was put on the top of the car as his friend was helping my dad get in the vehicle safely. … Read More »


Missy Lockhart