Dunwoody Police Press Release Regarding 12/13 School Threats

Incident:      Threats to Dunwoody Schools Date:                   December 13, 2018   On December 13, 2018, several schools within the city of Dunwoody and DeKalb County received bomb threats prompting evacuations and lockdowns out of an abundance of caution. Dunwoody Police officers along with DeKalb County School Police responded to the schools.   These threats appear to […]

Holiday Crime Prevention Tips from Dunwoody Police

It’s that time of year again! A time for holiday cheer and gifts and… CRIME? Yes, crime. Criminals tend to strike more during the holiday season because they know there are many people out holiday shopping. We want you to BE ALERT and BE VIGILANT! DON’T LET CRIME RUIN YOUR CHRISTMAS!   Here are four […]

Dunwoody Police Offers Online Safety Seminar for Parents

As we all know, technology changes all the time, and kids are constantly finding the newest websites, apps and gadgets. It’s up to the parents to teach them the basic rules of Internet safety so they can use all of these responsibly. Online access for kids comes with risks, such as inappropriate content, cyberbullying and online […]

Preventing Burglaries – 17 tips from burglars!

We have had a few burglaries in the Dunwoody area recently and we want to prevent these as much as possible. I want you to get into the minds of burglars and hopefully this can help each of you prevent these burglaries from occurring. In 2017, KTVB, a news station in Idaho sent letters to […]

Several Articles about last week’s “Swatting” Threats against Dunwoody Schools

DUNWOODY, Ga. – It’s called Swatting and it’s been happening to Multiple Dunwoody schools most of the week. Dunwoody police say someone has …Schools targeted in ‘swatting’ threats Dunwoody, GA (CBS46) Students and parents will see an increased police presence at their school after a threat forced a lockdown on Thursday.Dunwoody parents, students on high alert […]

Dunwoody Elementary Placed on Level 3 Lock Down

Thursday’s threat details from CBS Note from Principal Sanders to Dunwoody Elementary School Parents: Toward the end of the school day, our front office received a call that was a direct threat to Dunwoody ES. Immediately, the school was placed on the highest level of lock down and 911 was called. In less then a […]

VENMO SCAM ALERT from the Dunwoody PD

We have received several reports of victims being scammed in Dunwoody through the mobile payment app Venmo. Within the last week, a suspect would ask the victim to borrow their cell phones so he could call a ride and text someone. The victims would allow the suspect to use their phone and later discover a […]

Note from Dunwoody Police about Car Break-Ins

On this past Thursday evening (10/25) into the early hours of Friday morning, officers began to receive multiple reports of vehicles being entered in residential neighborhoods in the northern part of the city. The suspects entered the vehicles by pulling on door handles to see which vehicles were left unlocked. Many of the unlocked vehicles […]

Multiple people in luxury cars robbed by man on blue motorcycle

Two people driving luxury cars were robbed in metro Atlanta recently by a man riding a blue motorcycle, police said. Channel 2 Action News reported the driver of a blue Sukuzi ran into a man’s car in Dunwoody, and then fired a shot into the air before robbing him when they pulled over to check […]