Note from Dunwoody Police about Car Break-Ins

On this past Thursday evening (10/25) into the early hours of Friday morning, officers began to receive multiple reports of vehicles being entered in residential neighborhoods in the northern part of the city. The suspects entered the vehicles by pulling on door handles to see which vehicles were left unlocked. Many of the unlocked vehicles had valuables left unsecure inside the vehicles including car keys.… Read More »

Dunwoody Police ask for public help to locate missing teen

Source:  11Alive

DUNWOODY — Dunwoody Police are asking for public help to find a missing teen, 15-year-old Jackeline Reyna.

She ran away from her home — the Dunwoody Village Apartment Community (near Peachtree Charter Middle School)– on Friday, Sept. 7, according to Dunwoody Police.

Missing Person – On September 7th, 2018 the listed pictured juvenile ran away from her residence located inside the Dunwoody Village Apartment Community.… Read More »

Are there any registered sex offenders in your neighborhood?

I’ve been getting lots of emails about a “new” registered sex offender moving into a Dunwoody neighborhood where several of my friends reside.   Neighbors are rightfully concerned and doing all sorts of background checks on this newly nearby resident, notifying schools, and warning their children.  Rather than singling out this one guy, I decided it would be more prudent to give you free resource to simply check your neighborhood. … Read More »

Dunwoody Police Department #LipSyncBattle

The Dunwoody Police Department has responded to the many requests from our community to participate in the latest Police Lip Sync Battle. We put together this video that we hope you enjoy! PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! We are very proud of this project, which unites Dunwoody Police, City staff and ChatComm 911 with its community members and local businesses.… Read More »

Don’t have a landline? Will 911 personnel be able to find you?

Cell Phones, Wi-Fi Calling and 9-1-1: Tips and Info

Many residents are doing away with land lines for their primary phones and switching to wireless phones or interconnected Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services for their primary home phones.

If that’s the case for you, it is important to understand and ensure you are able to fully access 9-1-1 calling services at all times.… Read More »

Tips from the Dunwoody Police

  • Dunwoody Police 2 Citizen Portal: You can use this online services portal to search for incidents and arrests, view the community calendar, request a security watch of your house while you are out of town, and access other useful information.
  • The City of Dunwoody utilizes the See. Click. Fix. website for citizens to report potholes, graffiti, street lights out, etc.

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