The Select – I can’t believe I waited so long to go!!

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

I eat at Flower Child in Sandy Springs often.  So, I’ve noticed The Select across the way and all the nicely dressed people and the beautiful outdoor patio with lovely jazz music sliding out of the speakers.  Why haven’t I ever been?  Well, hubby and I decided to take my parents for my dad’s 76th birthday this weekend.  Now The Select is all the four of us can talk about.

The atmosphere….DIVINE.   I mean check out these upside-down Christmas trees in the bar.   So creative, artistic, and beautiful.  Some of the fancily dressed patrons made us feel like we were suddenly in Las Vegas!

The Friday night weather on the porch was perfection. The heaters also helped keep the chill out.  The inside was simply gorgeous, but we decided the patio was just as beautiful and eating outdoors on the patio was quieter, helping us chat easily for great conversation during dinner!

Our service…. everyone from the hostess, to the guy who lit our heater, to our amazing waitress (Vicky) were friendly, knowledgeable, and timely.  I mean it when I say, “ask for Vicky”.  She’s one of those waitresses who makes your meal better!  Having a knowledgeable wait staff is so important for people like me with several food allergies.

Ask for Vicky!

Our food was as beautiful as it was delicious.

We’ll go back for our next special occasion for sure.  Good thing my mom’s birthday is in January!  She’s already thinking about her birthday dessert!

One more thing….sitting outside in December, enjoying the nice weather and “sparkling Sandy Springs” was such a bonus!

They have gift cards!
6405 Bluestone Road Suite 200
Sandy Springs, GA 30328

From the website:  The Select in Sandy Springs was inspired by Paris’ famed Le Select, the chic 1920’s  brasserie known for being a free-spirited meeting place where artists and literary figures such as Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Chagall, Picasso and Gertrude Stein who were looking for a safe haven for their progressive intellectual discussions, gathered. In fact, between the two wars, the entire Montparnasse area, where Le Select is located, was known as a sanctuary for creative and religious freedom and expression.  A respite from everyday life, The Select’s elegant yet approachable backdrop is perfect to enjoy the vibrant flavors of a seasonally inspired menu, and the most wonderful hand-crafted cocktails.

Enter The Select during one of our Happy Hours, Ladies Nights or Whiskey Wednesdays, and the excitement of the Roaring 20’s is back in full force.  In fact, just as Le Select was known for its late-night revelry, late nights on Fridays and Saturdays at The Select are buzzing with excitement.