Travel Talk with Danielle: Airline Travel Etiquette 101 – Let us hear from you!

by Danielle Garrett of PlanIt Travel Designs for The Aha! Connection

Over the years my favorite travel companions and I have had a lot of fun compiling a list of “DON’T DO’S” when flying.  Of course, I will put up with almost all pet peeves to travel, but I sure do wish the airlines would come out with a travel etiquette list!  Below are some faux pas that made our list.  After you have read these,  please share a personal travel pet peeve or a funny travel story with us by commenting on this post!

  • I’ll start with my #1 pet peeve!  When the plane lands and you are allowed to get up, why do people walk down the aisle to the front of the plane before the plane begins de-boarding?  This clogs the aisle for those who may want to stand up next to their assigned seat. Let each row exit in front of you first.  I wish airlines would make this announcement upon landing!  The only excuses are if you are about to miss a connecting flight or you are about to have explosive diarrhea (you laugh, but this actually happened on a recent Delta flight).  There are no words!  Click HERE and HERE to read!
  • While boarding, you will see some passengers put their bag in the front of the plane and then continue walking towards the back. Everyone should be putting their bag directly above or close to their assigned seat. Having a bag closer to the front will not save time or create a better flight experience, however, it will potentially inconvenience others who can’t find space for their bag.
  • Let passengers in the middle seat have the armrests.  The middle seat is not fun and even worse if the window and aisle seat person take both armrests!
  • No stinky food or stinky feet! 
  • No phone calls on board.  Don’t you love the person who has a full-blown loud conversation as if they are by themselves?!  Or even worse, on speaker phone!!
  • The younger generation seems to think that a sports bra is a top and a sleeveless tank is appropriate travel wear!  No, we don’t want to see so much skin up close or underarm hair!  
  • Refrain from arguing with your loved ones.  It’s uncomfortable sitting next to an arguing couple!!  One of my travel friends had this exact situation happen to her and it escalated to the wife hitting her husband on top of his head with her candy bar!  To make matters worse, she was sitting in between them!!  Uncomfortable at the moment, but it has made for a great story!
  • The bathrooms are small and sometimes bumpy, so if you sprinkle when you tinkle please be neat and wipe the seat! 🙂


My heart goes out to families traveling with their little ones, especially when they are not good travelers.  I have been there myself many times and have blocked those awful stares from my memory!!  However, some things need to be on the list for traveling with children!

  • If your baby loves their pacifier, please don’t forget it (and bring back-ups!)
  • Don’t feel guilty about giving your kids a little Benadryl (just kidding…not!)
  • Don’t let your kids kick the seat in front of them or play with the tray.
  • Please view flying with children like you are going into battle! Bring headphones, a fully charged iPhone and iPad with downloaded games, candy, sticker books/crafts and surprise gifts.  Anything it takes, for our sanity and yours!  
  • Don’t rely on the in-flight TV’s.  I have been on way too many flights with the dreaded announcement of the TVs not working.  This is bad enough for anyone on a long-haul flight but will be the worst for those sitting near the little ones.  Be prepared!

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3 thoughts on “Travel Talk with Danielle: Airline Travel Etiquette 101 – Let us hear from you!

  1. The “if you sprinkle when you tinkle” comment applies to ALL bathrooms. Airplanes, restaurants, stores, homes. ANYwhere!

  2. Don’t sit in someone else’s seat. Don’t ask someone to switch seats with you. If you want a specific seat, plan accordingly/pay extra.

  3. If sitting at a window seat, consider lowering the shade while in flight at high altitude so the “white cloud” glare won’t disturb others trying to read, sleep or watch a movie.

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