Travel Tuesday with Danielle: Turks & Caicos!

by Danielle Garrett of PlanIt Itineraries for The Aha! Connection

As travel continues to increase, many Americans are looking for destinations that are open to US visitors.  Traveling to a place where being outdoors is natural and Covid numbers are under control is of most importance.  Several Caribbean islands are open to US visitors, but today we are focusing on TURKS & CAICOS!  Below are some of the reasons why I love this island and why it’s a good fit for traveling during the Covid era.  But first, the requirements!  Mexico is the only Caribbean destination where you can travel without a negative test.  Turks & Caicos requires a negative Covid test 5 days prior to your arrival and you must have travel insurance.  Click here for the T&C travel requirements.

  • The turquoise clear water and the pure white sandy beach! Turks & Caicos has again won an award for its beauty.  The TripAdvisor 2020 Traveler’s Choice awarded Grace Bay Beach at Turks & Caicos as the #1 beach in the Caribbean and the #2 best beach in the world!!!
  • Delta flies non-stop to Turks & Caicos (roughly 3 hours only)!
  • The island is less commercialized and smaller in size than some other Caribbean islands.
  • The island is NOT known for large all-inclusive resorts, but smaller resorts with better food. The island is a foodie’s dream with great restaurants, most with plenty of outside dining.
  • A great island for couples, as well as families. Adventurous activities available such as snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, boating, bone fishing, horseback riding and kite surfing!
  • There is a wide range of accommodations from small hotels to private villas.



Please remember to travel responsibly, wear your mask and do not travel unnecessarily if you are elderly or immune-compromised!

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