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Troy's burger cornerseven lampsLast Friday I went to Seven Lamps restaurant in Buckhead to try their “50/50 burger.”  While searching the internet for a new burger to try, this one caught my eye. Interestingly enough, this one isn’t even on the menu.   I’m not going to lie, I was a little nervous while ordering, but luckily the waiter didn’t act surprised at all at my “off menu” request. This 8 oz. burger is made from a half-and-half blend of grass-fed brisket and top round and then grilled over a firewood grill. It is then topped with bacon, caramelized onions, Thousand Island dressing, the kitchen’s own B&B pickles, and a grilled cheese gratin in between two brioche buns. After reading that description I was quite anxious to try it, but left disappointed and even a little confused after eating. I had high hopes for this burger and I’m honestly still not even sure if I enjoyed it or not. To me, the mixture of toppings had a very confusing taste which I could never quite wrap my head around. I’m honestly not sure, but my best guess is that the caramelized onions threw off the taste a little bit. Although I couldn’t quite enjoy this burger, it would not surprise me at all if another person thought this was the best burger they ever had. The odd flavor just couldn’t quite be resolved by my taste buds. If you’re in the Buckhead area, give this burger a try. I’d love to hear feedback on what others think of it.

Troy’s Rating:  6.5/10

Seven Lamps
Shops Around Lenox
3400 Around Lenox Road NO. 217
Atlanta, GA 30326
404 467 8950

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