Foodie Frenzy #18: The Stars of Sandy Springs (Le Petite Maison)

front entrance




I knew it was time to end our summer sabbatical, when my Mom asked when I was going to write another food “blob.” Over our sabbatical from the Foodie Frenzy, I’ve been pondering what to do for our next foray. Since it is right out our back door, we’re going to “Say Hello To Sandy Springs”. Unfortunately, I haven’t explored the Springs enough. We stick to our usuals that are tried and true, but it is finally time to stretch. Garlic yeast rolls, salad and any entrée always seem to pull my family back to Ippolito’s like a magnet. They make a darn good pizza too.

With that being said, one restaurant that I’ve heard so much about is La Petite Maison. Since there’s not a French restaurant on every corner next to a Starbuck’s, I readily admit that it’s not a cuisine that I have frequented too often. But when you can call a ham and cheese sandwich a croque-monsieur, I’m interested. From the friendly staff, inviting ambiance and lick your plate clean food, we concurred that La Petite Maison was a great choice. It didn’t hurt that they have a health rating of 100, which is a rarity.

The waiter was very helpful with great suggestions and we both decided to go across the board with their daily specials. Good choice! Both Audra and I started with the vegetable gazpacho perfectly paired with a side of sour cream. The vegetables tasted very fresh and the cold tomato based soup had just the right amount of tang. If you ever want to try and make gazpacho at home, “Jane’s famous gazpacho” is a recipe that Audra posted earlier this summer. We are both addicted to it! Even my kids love it too especially when using tortilla chips for dipping. There are many different recipes for gazpacho, but the veggie version at La Petite Maison served with perfectly baked French bread did not disappoint. It’s called FRENCH bread for a reason. Yum!

Audra chose a tomato, basil and goat cheese quiche that was fresh and full of great summer flavors (of course I had to try her dish too). It was served with a mixed green salad ($12). My chicken and mushroom crepe was equally flavorful and topped with a green salad and delicious sauce ($16) Both of our plates could be exhibits at the Louvre due to their beautiful presentation. The fact that they tasted as good as they looked was notable.

Now who can go to a French restaurant and skip dessert? Not us. I am not generally a lover of sweets, but the profiteroles ($10) we ordered were a perfect choice on a hot summer day. The four cream puffs were filled with vanilla ice cream and garnished with a chocolate sauce. It was a generous amount and perfect for sharing.

With white tablecloths, tasteful décor and delicious food, La Petite Mason is a great choice when you are looking for a convenient, great experience.

Until we eat again!





  • Food-5
  • Ambiance-5
  • Service-5

 (Remember our ratings are on a 1-5 scale)

Le Petite Maison
6510 Roswell Rd. NE
Sandy Springs, GA 30328