Where’s Audra? NFA Burger Giftcard Giveaway & Audra’s Trip Details!

Our popular “Where’s Audra” giveaway is back as Audra travels with a few members of her family for the next two weeks.  The lucky winner of the $50 NFA Burger Giftcard is Judy Hughes!  Judy correctly guessed Audra’s location of Madrid, Spain from the Instagram and Facebook photos last week. 

Thank you to Danielle Garrett of PlanIt Travel Designs for planning Audra’s amazing trip.  Follow her at Facebook or Instagram and find out more about Audra’s first week of travel below!

Well, most of you have guessed it by now!  Audra was in Madrid and she just finished up her time in Barcelona yesterday.  Madrid and Barcelona are the two major cities in Spain.  They are
connected by a high-speed train, which makes it very easy to train between these two beautiful destinations (it takes roughly 3 hours or less).  And like Italy, train travel is very enjoyable in Spain.

If you have not been to Spain yet and are short on time, I recommend only visiting Madrid and Barcelona. Spain is a large country and you will waste a good half day getting from A to B. Both cities offer wonderful day trips within 30-45 minutes by train (including charming, smaller medieval towns).

This is exactly what Audra and her family have done during their time in Spain.  Some people make the mistake of cramming in too many destinations within one trip.  This approach can create what I would refer to as the “planes, trains, and automobiles” effect.

One of the likely highlights of Audra’s trip will be the food experiences they’ve had in both Madrid and Barcelona.  In Madrid, they did a food tour and in Barcelona, they cooked Paella from scratch with a local chef.  Like so many things in life, it’s the interaction with people, the building of relationships, and the exposure to different cultures that create the most lasting



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