An Aha! Style Moment – Nail Polish Colors for Spring ~ Which one would you like to win?

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I wonder if the folks at Essie had an almanac when they were creating their Spring 2020 Nail Colors?  They are all appropriately named in a Rain Theme!  While you are out stocking up on toilet paper for the impending “social distancing” due to the Corona Virus, make here you stock up on the Essie Spring 2020 collection so you can do your nails while at home:)  Here is the rundown:


Rainwear Don’t Care

A nice  creamy putty color, Essie calls it a “Dirty Neutral.” Lately all the decorating and fashion trends have been leaning towards grey so this is actually pretty refreshing even though it is a “dirty putty”.  I am getting strong vibes of the nostaligic  Silly Putty toy.  I can almost smell the distinct sensation of cracking open a new little egg of it!  I was skeptical at first, but I really like it and think it will be a great transition for the” Atlanta Spring”, which is highly unpredictable.  

Felling Wellies

A creamy yellow/creamsicle orange , that is surprisingly not bad even on pale skin.  Again, the nostalgia of the color of raincoats in the 80’s!  I am really enjoying it on my toes as a transitional color.

Kissed by Mist

A shimmery pink with blue undertones.  It goes on very sheer and is almost a clear polish, but still stands out.  I think it is a modern day take on the “French Manicure”.  Great color for the office, or home office during “social distancing.”


Spring in Your Step

Shimmery purple with a splash of pink, and has a decent amount of sparkle.  This did not look great on pale skin tones, but it popped on darker skin tones.


Can Dew Attitude

This is nice creamy pastel that is a very pale sage green.  I think this is my favorite in the collection and really captures a hopeful mood amidst this rainy, fearful time.


Make a Splash

Shimmery blue that is not as sheer as Kissed by Mist.  This is another polish that I think looks beautiful on darker skin tones, and is a wonderful transitional color.

Comment on this post with one of the 6 colors you’d like to win and we’ll give away one of each on Friday March 20th!

  1. Rainwear Don’t Care
  2. Felling Wellies
  3. Kissed by Mist
  4. Spring in Your Step
  5. Can Dew Attitude
  6. Make a Splash

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29 thoughts on “An Aha! Style Moment – Nail Polish Colors for Spring ~ Which one would you like to win?

  1. Can dew attitude! Love sage green, and this is perfect for spring and brightening up this time at home!

  2. Dirty Neutral and Kissed by Mist are my TOPS, but all are really nice. I will be doing my own nails this week with my daughter. Mother / daughter time.

  3. I love Feeling Wellies, Can Dew Attitude, and Rainwear Don’t Care! Thanks for putting something fun and normal out! :))

  4. Spring in Your Step – hoping to have that darker skin tone soon if it ever stops raining 🙂

  5. Rainwear don’t care is my favorite. This will be my ideal for walking no matter the weather!

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