Book of the Week & Giveaway: Just Mercy

The biggest disadvantage of reading everything on my Kindle, is the inability to pass books along for more and more and more people to read.   I really want others to read this one so I bought a paperback to give away as long as the winner is willing to keep paying it forward by passing it along and encouraging others to keep passing it along.   I’d also like to remind everyone you can watch this movie for free via many streaming sources.

When I mentioned the free movie a few weeks ago, several people suggested that I read the book first.   So, I listened to the author read the first half on Audible, then finished it up via Kindle.   There’s something special about having the author read the book….it is so compelling.   It’s not as easy to take notes though….and I really wish I had taken notes.

I’m from Alabama and was shocked to read some of the statistics in this book. I’m pretty sure that the author said in 1989 it was ILLEGAL in Alabama for blacks and whites to marry each other.  My high school was approximately 40% black and 55% white.  I knew several interracial couples in 1989 and earlier.  Shocking and ridiculous that they wouldn’t have been allowed to legally marry.  In 2000, Alabama became the last state in the country to overturn its ban on interracial marriage. That is only TWENTY years ago.

I was horrified to realize that all over the country there are people on death row for crimes not related to murder or a violent crime.   I thought death row was reserved for convicted murderers or at the very least for people who had committed violent crimes.   I was also disturbed by how many juveniles are tried as adults.

Most of all I was impressed with Bryan Stevenson for his life’s work as founder of the Equal Justice Initiative.   Although I may be impressed with Stevenson, it does not compare to how he impressed Walter McMillian!

I plan to watch the movie with my family soon.   Meanwhile I’m almost finished reading The Hate You Give.   I can hardly put it down and am taking lots of notes. 

Would you like to win a copy of Just Mercy this week?   Comment on this post with a promise to pass it along to another when done.   We’ll randomly select a winner on Friday.   If you don’t win, I encourage you to read it or watch the movieClick here to buy the paperback for less than $8.

5 thoughts on “Book of the Week & Giveaway: Just Mercy

  1. I have many friends are struggling how to talk to their kids about social injustice. I want to read more books about this issue.

  2. This book is on my list, and I agree – it is definitely a good one to read and then pass along. I would love to win a copy of this book!

  3. Didn’t realize there was a book also.. would love to read it before I watch the movie. Happy to pass it along! Great idea!

  4. I would love to read this! Haven’t seen movie yet either and would definitely pass along. The Hate U Give is one of my favorites as is her second book On thr Ome Up.

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