City Winery February Books & Booze featuring ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ By James Baldwin

Literature enthusiasts are invited to turn the pages of James Baldwin’s captivating novel, If Beale Street Could Talk, during Posman Books and City Winery’s February Books & Booze on Tuesday, February 19, 2019. Marc Stiles, Posman Book’s General Manager, will lead a riveting discussion among fellow avid readers about a heart-wrenching love story where passion and sadness are inevitably intertwined.… Read More »

February 13th, 2019 Category: Books

Book of the Week: This is the Day by Tim Tebow

Click here to see why I chose this book!   Amazon says this:  Beyond Tim Tebow’s exploits as a Heisman-winning football player, he is widely known and respected for his exemplary character and personal excellence, which have made him a role model for millions. When Tim interacts with the public, he often encounters people who feel “stuck”–unable to take action on matters ranging from daily life to pursuing lifelong dreams.Read More »

Audra’s Take on Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl Message

By Audra H Anders for The Aha! Connection

When I mentioned last week that Tim Tebow coming to Passion City Church was one of my top three fave things about the Super Bowl coming to town, I had no idea how many people would notice and reach out to me.   I saw SEVERAL people I knew at the 9:15 AM Sunday service and countless others have contacted me to ask how it was.  … Read More »

How to KonMari your home on a budget

You don’t have to be a minimalist or a decluttering guru to have come across the tiny dynamo that is Marie Kondo.

After her bestselling book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up grabbed the world’s attention in 2014, she’s back with a wildly popular Netflix series coaching households to make over their homes using “the innovative KonMari Method to help people clear out their clutter and choose joy.”  Continue at Clark.comRead More »

Book of the Week: The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life

I’m so glad to be in the middle of a group  studying this book together.  I just finished Chapter 3 and am fascinated and prayerful that it will help me become healthier!

Here’s what Amazon has to say:

Revolutionize Your Health …

Once and for All

During an afternoon of baptizing over 800 people, Pastor Rick Warren realized it was time for change.… Read More »

Books of the Week: The Secret of Clouds, Good Riddance, and The Lost Girls of Paris

The authors of The Secret of Clouds, Good Riddance, and The Lost Girls of Paris will be coming to Dunwoody in February so start reading now and then buy tickets to go see them in person!

A Page from the Book Festival of the MJCCA is pleased to present two author events in February. The first features bestselling author Elinor Lipman on Wed, February 13 at 7:30 pm, and will be in conversation with Emily Giffin, New York Times bestselling author.… Read More »

The Four Books I bought for my sons this Christmas

My boys are 17 and 20 and I want them to read more.   I’m a book-a-holic and I’d like it to rub off on them for many reasons.  They actually both were happy with the books I chose for them so I thought I’d share in case others need ideas for their kiddos!  If you know them you can probably guess who got which books but that isn’t really important so I’m just going to list them randomly.… Read More »

Book of the Week: The Woman in the Window

Last week I published the top 2018 Fiction Books selected by Goodreads.  I immediately purchased the book listed at #1 and couldn’t put it down.  It was a quick read and definitely a psychological thriller.  I found myself totally in the brain  of Anna Fox and loved all the twists and turns.  Before reading it, I checked out the list of actors that will be playing the lead roles in the upcoming movie.  … Read More »

Book of the Week: Into the Water (We’re giving away a hardcover copy!)

One of my favorite girls from the DHS Class of 2017 texted me the following note from Athens this week: 

“Read a really good book recently I thought you might like!  It’s called INTO THE WATER by Paula Hawkins.  Elizabeth (her roomie) and I both read it and were obsessed.”

Christy knows how much I love to read and we used to share books all the time before she moved to UGA. … Read More »