Tech Tip: Problems Typing the Letter “I” on an Apple Device Lately?

Source:  Apple Support

Last night my phone started  autocorrecting every time I typed an “I” .  The auto correct changed it to an “A” with a symbol.  Not only was this making me angry but I was perplexed as to why in the world this would be happening.  Well, apparently Apple has a bug.

If you updated your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to iOS 11 or later and find that when you type the letter “i” it autocorrects to the letter “A” with a symbol then here’s what to do……I did it and it works fine now.… Read More »

Tech Tip: When Should You Upgrade Your Phone?

Source:  The Boston 100

With the new “8” products – iPhone and Samsung primarily – around the corner, do you NEED to upgrade your phone to the newest product? CNBC had an article earlier this year saying no, you don’t have to upgrade often. Here are ideas for when you should upgrade:

• Out of storage – the cloud may help, but if you’re at capacity with your apps, you should upgrade.… Read More »

The 12 Apps That Every Parent Of A Teen Should Know About

Not everything online is evil, nor does danger lurk behind every new app that comes to market. But keeping up with your teens’ and preteens’ online activities is much like trying to nail jelly to the barn door — frustrating, futile and something bound to make you feel inept.

Keep in mind that no app poses a danger in and of itself, but many do provide kids with an opportunity to make, ahem, bad choices.… Read More »

iPhone 8 Announcement Believed to Be Set for Sept. 12

It’s that time again; Apple fanatics everywhere are awaiting the highly anticipated announcement of the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 8.

Rumors have been swirling about what to expect from the new device for over a year. After last year’s underwhelming iPhone 7, everyone is expecting to be blown away with Apples’ 10th-anniversary model, and it looks like we are getting closer and closer to discovering what Apple has up its sleeve.… Read More »

Changes are coming to those of you who use either an AT&T or Bellsouth email address

If you only use AT&T for internet service, this does not apply to you.

For several years, AT&T has had Yahoo handle their email environment.  That is changing.  Yahoo aka “We only got hacked two times and we’re begrudgingly telling you because we’re forced to disclose it.” just got acquired by Verizon. Because of this, it looks as though AT&T is breaking up with Yahoo.  … Read More »

How to Block Robo Phone Calls!

Most people think baseball games are boring but I’m here to tell you the things I learn between pitches at baseball games could fill up a volume of encyclopedias!  My friend Carol told me about NOMOROBO.COM last night and I could hardly wait to get home and fix my home phone.   I have VOIP instead of a traditional land line and ended up just having to enable Nomorobo on my Ooma dashboard and voila…my phone hasn’t rung in 24 hours! … Read More »

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Apple’s iOS 10.3 update could result in you losing all of your data if you do not perform a back up

If you have sentimental attachment to the data on your iPhone, you will want to perform a backup before upgrading to Apple’s latest iOS update later this month.

While iOS 10.3 promises to deliver a host of new updates, one component could devastate users who do not back up data and files to Apple’s cloud before installing new operating system.… Read More »

Dunwoody PC Newsletter Info

Note from Audra:   I use Adam for all of my computer repair and home network needs!  He’s awesome at his job and hilarious to hang out with.   All of his customers receive his newsletters so I thought I’d share his latest with you:

Summer 2016 Info from Dunwoody PC

It’s been about three months since I’ve sent one of these emails out.  … Read More »


Urgent Message Regarding Computer Scam

Please read the following about FAKE Virus Warnings –  Do not fall for this SCAM!

This message was sent to me because I am a customer of Dunwoody Personal Computers, LLC.  I wanted to share with you in case it could help even one person! ~Audra

The following picture is not a virus that snuck by your antivirus program.  … Read More »

iPhone Tip That Could Save Your Life

Note from Audra:  I just did this…only takes a second and could save my life someday!

Remember this and spread the word. Hopefully you’ll never have to use it but it’s good to know in case you ever do.

Source: SFG

A public hospital employee named Julia Thompson posted on Facebook about an iPhone feature that could potentially help save your life during an emergency situation.… Read More »

Brookhaven, Dunwoody, Milton and Woodstock up next for AT&T “gigabit” Internet service

Note from Audra:  In case you can’t see/hear me…. I’m over here raising my hand saying “Oooh, oooh, me next!”

Source: The Atlanta Business Chronicle

AT&T Inc.’s ultra-fast Internet service — gigabit Internet — is coming to Brookhaven, Dunwoody, Milton and Woodstock.

GigaPower has been available to subscribers of AT&T’s U-verse television service in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Decatur and Newnan since spring 2015.… Read More »

Facebook Introduces Free Friend-To-Friend Payments Through Messages

When you chat with friends about settling debts or splitting the bill, Facebook doesn’t want you to have to open another app like PayPal or Venmo to send them money. So today it unveiled a new payments feature for Facebook Messenger that lets you connect your Visa or Mastercard debit card and tap a “$” button to send friends money on iOS, Android, and desktop with zero fees.… Read More »