As “Fortnite” Blows Up, Parents Need to Up Their Game

A new survey confirms what most parents already know: Kids are going crazy for “Fortnite.” Here are some practical tips to manage it. By Sierra Filucci

Does your kid talk endlessly about Tilted Towers and V-Bucks? Do his shouts of “Revive me! Revive me!” ring throughout your home? Have you considered moving to a remote island without internet access to rid yourself of absolutely anything having to do with Fortnite?… Read More »

How Teens Use Social Media in 2018 Vs. 2012

Social Media, Social Life: Teens Reveal Their Experiences sheds light on teens’ changing social media habits and why some kids are more deeply affected by — and connected to — their digital worlds. The report is a nationally representative survey of more than 1,000 kids age 13 to 17. And because it tracks changes from 2012 to today, we can see how teens’ social media use continues to evolve.… Read More »

What Parents Need to Know About 4/20 (today)

Do you know about 4/20? If you have a tween or teen, chances are they know all about this celebration of marijuana that occurs every year on April 20. And it’s not just from whispers in the hallway or the pothead group at school. Popular, mainstream brands, including Ben & Jerry’s, Chipotle, Totino’s, and even Denny’s tweet, snap, and ‘gram ads that subtly — or not so subtly — show support for 4/20.… Read More »

The 12 Apps That Every Parent Of A Teen Should Know About

Not everything online is evil, nor does danger lurk behind every new app that comes to market. But keeping up with your teens’ and preteens’ online activities is much like trying to nail jelly to the barn door — frustrating, futile and something bound to make you feel inept.

Keep in mind that no app poses a danger in and of itself, but many do provide kids with an opportunity to make, ahem, bad choices.… Read More »

Sneaky Camera Apps Parents Should Know About

For kids, the joys of friendship are often expressed in the photos they share on social apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp. These types of photos — the group shot from a day at the beach, a selfie at the DMV or the prom — document kids’ lives and strengthen relationships. But as we all know, cell phone cameras can be misused, and a new crop of photo apps are being used to hide photos instead of share them.… Read More »

PARENTS OF TEENAGERS BEWARE (Underage Drinking is not a Minor Problem)

Note from Audra:  An anonymous Aha! Subscriber submitted this in order to keep our readers informed and our teens safe….


Begin anonymous submission:

A recent party at a home in Dunwoody left many teens severely sickened by alcohol and drugs. Aside from the problems to the teens caused by these substances, there are consequences for the parents of the home as well.… Read More »