Update: Audra’s Puppy FINALLY has a Name!

Well, thanks to everyone for all of the suggestions.    We’ve called our sweet little fellow by so many names this week that it will probably take him forever to understand the final name.   Here it is:   Ozzie Murphy Anders!  We will be calling him Ozzie.

He is named for two fabulous Atlanta Braves….Ozzie Albies and Dale Murphy.   Yes….hubby and I love baseball and the Braves!

Did you know Ozzie Albies loves dogs?  He has several and you can follow them on Instagram.   Also, check out the Ozzie Albies Foundation which is all about dogs!  The foundation helps pets in need through sheltering, adoption, education, spay/neuter, and community outreach.


21 thoughts on “Update: Audra’s Puppy FINALLY has a Name!

  1. He looks a little like Norm from Cheers! So, Norm! Other ideas are: Chester, Baxter, Bowie. He is adorable – enjoy!

  2. He looks like Christian to me but I’m thinking you and hubby will be inspired by his personality as Charlie suggested.

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