Lost Tiny White Terrier “Fawn”

My 9 lb terrier fawn ran off into the Leeds Ct cul de sac Friday January 29th around midday. She is scared of everything and very skittish so if you see her attempts to get her to come to you will likely be futile.

She is wearing a thin red collar.… Read More »


(770) 905-7421

Contact Rent-A-Teen Today

Note from Jackson:  Contact us for any of the jobs below and please note we can also find a teen to help you move boxes, set up outdoor decorations, pressure wash your screened porch, babysit while you work, cut your grass, cart your kids to camps or practices, pet sit for your vacation and more!  We have a crew of students available to help you!Read More »


Jackson Moore


Henry, our Gray striped, male, neutered cat with spots on his belly, 13 lb, muscular cat has been missing since 1/2/2021. We live near Dunwoody Station. Please contact me if you have seen him. Cash reward is offered.… Read More »


(601) 209-8120

Found Black Cat – Super Friendly

A black cat has been hanging out on our street in Dunwoody near the borders of Peachtree Corners and Sandy Springs. It is super sweet and very clearly an indoor cat slash lost/abandoned pet, not a feral cat. It is a fully black cat, no white markings. Can’t tell if male or female but will take it to the vet tomorrow to check and get scanned.… Read More »

Found Dog

Found large short-hair male dog. White/gray with black patches. Very sweet. Found in the Branches neighborhood in Dunwoody near Winding Branch Circle.… Read More »


(770) 379-1040

Dog Found

FOUND DOG UPDATE: Sunday, I found this dog chasing cars at the intersection of Ashford Club and Valley View Road. An Ashford Club resident helped me leash the dog and I walked her home. She is a puppy with a collar (no tag) and looked fairly recently groomed but possibly underweight. I took her to see if she was microchipped, nope.… Read More »

Lost Dog at Jett Ferry near Chick Fil-A (Update: Dixie has been found as of 11:50 AM on 12/29)

(Update: Dixie has been found as of 11:50 AM on 12/29)  Two awesome women found  her hiding behind an air conditioner.   She’s getting checked out at the vet ASAP!

LOST DOG at Jett Ferry center near Chick Fil-A.  Dixie is an 8-lb black and white Havanese. She escaped from the Dunwoody Animal Medical Center at 2482 Jett Ferry around 2:30pm on Monday 12/28.… Read More »

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Mark Leibowitz
(404) 918-0522

Found black and white dog

Found black and white dog running near the intersection of Chamblee Dunwoody and N Shallowford Rd. No collar, female, very friendly. The ladies at Kaplan Orthodontics are taking her to get scanned to see if she is chipped right now.… Read More »


Lisa Donaldson
(404) 849-3403

LOST DOG – Please help us find Penny!

Penny has been missing from her house on Spalding Drive since Dec 5th. She is a reddish-yellow lab, 11 months old. She is chipped and had a collar with tag and phone number. We are heart broken, she is very sweet and submissive and will go to anyone. We have no idea how she got out… the yard is fenced with no holes anywhere.… Read More »


Austin Foster
(678) 859-5871

7 Must-Have Gifts for Dogs

While the holiday season may look different than years’ past, it has never been more important for dog parents to show appreciation for the four-legged family members that have been by their side during the good times and unforeseen challenges this year. 

Here are seven top-notch gift ideas that will help keep dogs safe, happy, healthy over the holidays and throughout the entire year. … Read More »

Dunwoody Dog Walker

Love dogs and love to walk! And a tired dog is a good dog!

Let me help you walk your dog in any weather in Dunwoody and Sandy Springs area. I can let your dog out during the day if you aren’t available. I’m responsible and trustworthy!… Read More »


Betsy Wolkin

4 foods to avoid this Thanksgiving…when it comes to pet safety

Note from Audra:   In September I almost lost my George because he accidentally ingested raisins in leftover chicken salad.   Luckily I realized it ASAP and was able to follow the advice from my Vet and get him to vomit them back up.   Gross, I know, but I couldn’t live without my George.   Apparently raisins (and grapes) are very very very toxic to dogs.  … Read More »

Halloween Pet Safety

Chocolate is toxic to your pets—symptoms can range from vomiting to severe cardiac arrhythmias—so make sure it’s out of reach.

Check your sugar-free candy and gum for this deadly ingredient—any level of ingestion requires a vet visit.… Read More »

Missing black/white cat

Missing: Rocco (cat) boy, approx 13 yrs old. Strong, sweet, likely to be a bit stand off-ish. Loves to hunt birds, mice, chipmunks. Indoor/outdoor cat, usually comes in at night/rain/cold weather. Last seen Wednesday 9/23. Should have a flea collar along with other collar with tag (tag has name/phone)., also microchipped. Loves the sound of a bag of treats.… Read More »


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