Foodie Frenzy-Week #14-The Crawfish Shack Seafood Restaurant

With all the high-end seafood restaurants in Atlanta, I have long sought after a reasonably priced, casual seafood place that wasn’t Red Lobster. The Crawfish Shack Seafood Restaurant tucked away in a strip center near the old Jim Hearn driving range on Buford Highway was quite a pleasant find. From the moment we opened the door and saw the beautiful array of fresh seafood, fun décor picnic table seating and many accolades on the wall, Audra quickly predicted that this joint would be one of our favorites. Her prediction was spot on!

The mystery guest that we chose to invite has an impressive pedigreed background of appreciating seafood and anything fried…my Mom, Phyllis Hanson! Having been born and raised in Rainsville, Alabama by my culinary miracle creating Mammaw, Mom has a discerning taste for fried food.  Additionally, she has never met an oyster or “srimp” (as she says with her cute accent that my sister and I relentlessly rag her about) that she didn’t have an opinion about.

We placed our order at the counter with the friendly and knowledgeable owner, Hieu Pham. Although his family hails from Vietnam and Cambodia, Pham was born in Atlanta.   He fell in love with the Cajun and creole-style seafood offered at a hometown restaurant, from his time living in the bayou of Louisiana.

We took the tip on ordering from the girls in front of us who were self-proclaimed regulars. They recommended the combination #3 with extra crispy grouper, boiled shrimp, hushpuppies and coleslaw (10.99). Mom and I split this meal, as well as, a $10 Lobster roll. Audra ordered meal #2 with 10 large shrimp, coleslaw, boiled red potatoes and hush puppies (10.99). We also indulged in an order of fried pickles and steamed oysters to satisfy the hankering that Mom and I had acquired. The lobster roll was a daily special, but I would strongly recommend trying if available. It doesn’t quite equal the lobster roll at The Optimist, but for half the price, it is well worth it!

We thoroughly enjoyed everything we ordered, with the exception of the steamed oysters that were a little small and lacking flavor. To Pham’s credit, he informed us that these particular traditionally smaller oysters were from Texas due to delayed shipment from the gulf area. The crispy grouper was amazing as were the boiled shrimp. The large shrimp that came with Audra’s meal were better than the medium sized ones because they were easier to peel. The coleslaw was zesty and the red potatoes deliciously spiced. If you have never had a fried pickle, this is the perfect opportunity to try this southern delicacy.  

The Crawfish Shack Seafood restaurant prides itself on being absolutely and positively obsessed with freshness with an ever-changing variety of seafood choices. I would love to go back and try one of their Po-Boys, Cajun Crawfish and Gumbo. We all agreed that this was a perfect place where you can bring the kiddos too for a relaxing outing.

Although we had no problem with fast service and easy seating, I have read that this place can fill up quickly especially at lunch.

The next time you are hungry for some tasty and reasonably priced seafood, definitely check out the Crawfish Shack Seafood Restaurant. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

The Crawfish Shack
4337 Buford Highway Ste. 170
Health Rating: 94

Monday-Thursday 11-8
Friday and Saturday 11-9
Sunday 12:30-8

 Until we eat again!



Our Ratings on a scale of 1-5:

Food: 4
Ambiance: 3
Service: 3




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  1. Patty, LOL – “srimp” – that’s exactly how my mom says it! Can’t wait to try this place and taker her and my dad for some fried “srimp

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