Here’s the College First Aid Kit I’m sending to Auburn with my baby

By Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

No, he’s not really a baby.  He’ll be 19 next month but he will always be my baby and I can’t stop thinking about all the things he might need during his first year away from home.  He’s in Auburn doing pre-semester things by himself today and I miss him already even though he’ll only be gone 24 hours….this time.   So today I’m doing an Amazon splurge and making him a first-aid kit.   Did I forget anything?    I’m putting all of the following things in this box I purchased at Target. I included affiliate links to make it easy for you to purchase these items if you are so inclined to create your own box for your own baby 🙂

Feel free to leave a comment if you can think of anything I’ve forgotten!

First Aid

Cough and Cold


General Health


8 thoughts on “Here’s the College First Aid Kit I’m sending to Auburn with my baby

  1. We sent our daughter off with a small tool kit, just basic stuff. She said hammer, measuring tape, etc came in handy

  2. This year I am adding a finger oxygen sensor b/c of Covid for each kid. And don’t forget condoms for your boys. Not something we like to discuss but a reality.

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