Preventing Package Thefts

From the Dunwoody Police:

We often take reports for package thefts in our city. It’s important for us to understand that package theft is often a crime of opportunity which can be prevented at times. It frequently happens when home owners are not home and unable to bring packages into their home. These types of crimes may often be avoided by taking the certain steps to create visible and physical barriers to protect your property. … Read More »

Self-Storage Burglary in Dunwoody

From the Dunwoody Police:

On July 9, 2019 between 6:30PM and 7:45PM, two suspects forcefully entered approximately 20 interior storage units from the Public Storage facility located at 4340 Dunwoody Park South in Dunwoody and removed several items. Thanks to our detectives, a suspect was quickly identified and warrants were obtained for his arrest.

I wanted to leave you all with some safety tips for those of you that may have property at a self-storage facility:

Take an inventory of items in the storage unit. Read More »

Recent Purse Thefts

We have received several reports of pickpocketing in the city recently. In the most recent incident, the victim was eating lunch at a restaurant when a male suspect bumped into her chair where her purse was hanging on the back. Shortly after, the victim received fraud alerts stating that the card was attempted a nearby department store.… Read More »

Police: Escaping shoplifting suspect threw himself over balcony of Perimeter Mall onto 5-year-old below

One of the Dunwoody officers grabbed hold of the suspect and was trying to take him into custody when the suspect threw himself over the railing from the second floor. Both officers were holding the suspect up by his arms while he was suspended in the air.

The suspect kept wiggling until the officers couldn’t hold him any longer – causing him to fall from the second onto a 5-year-old child below.… Read More »

Former prep school coach accused of trying to meet boy after ‘sexual’ chat on Fortnite

Note from Audra:  This has NOTHING to do with Dunwoody and surrounding areas.  I’m simply posting this so you can be aware that this is the second incident I’ve heard about with malice associated with Fornite chatting.   The first being DHS kid who was “swatted” by a fellow gamer out of the country and accused of threatening his school.Read More »

Purse Snatching Safety Tips

On Monday, November 26th, Dunwoody officers responded to two reports of purse snatching in the food court at Perimeter Mall. In one case, the victim and her friend were having lunch when the suspect approached their table and snatched her purse from the table. In a second incident, a female was sitting outside of the Forever 21 retail store when the suspect walked up to her table and snatched her purse from her.… Read More »

Info regarding students on lockdown today at several schools including DHS, PCMS, DES, Austin and Vanderlyn

From Audra:  I woke up this morning to a string of texts showing me screen prints of conversations between an innocent Dunwoody kid and someone who “swatted” him/her.  It appeared to me that the Dunwoody kid was being hoaxed.  I talked to two people (that I completely trust) before 6 AM who know the Dunwoody kid and firmly believed he/she was innocent.  … Read More »

Note from Dunwoody Police about Car Break-Ins

On this past Thursday evening (10/25) into the early hours of Friday morning, officers began to receive multiple reports of vehicles being entered in residential neighborhoods in the northern part of the city. The suspects entered the vehicles by pulling on door handles to see which vehicles were left unlocked. Many of the unlocked vehicles had valuables left unsecure inside the vehicles including car keys.… Read More »

Are there any registered sex offenders in your neighborhood?

I’ve been getting lots of emails about a “new” registered sex offender moving into a Dunwoody neighborhood where several of my friends reside.   Neighbors are rightfully concerned and doing all sorts of background checks on this newly nearby resident, notifying schools, and warning their children.  Rather than singling out this one guy, I decided it would be more prudent to give you free resource to simply check your neighborhood. … Read More »