The Streaming Cheat Sheet You’ve Been Waiting For

by Adam Freedman of SOHO Office and Dunwoody PC

It’s too hot and virusy to be outside, so I’ve decided to hang out and home and answer the following question,

“How much does Adam’s family pay to watch TV and listen to music?”

Internet Service
First of all, you need good internet service.  We recently switched from Comcast 350 Mb Internet Only ($99/month with no contract) to AT&T Fiber 1 Gb ($50/month for service and gateway router and HBO Max (streaming service) with a 12-month contract).  … Read More »

Tech Tip: Passwords

Written by Adam Freedman of Dunwoody PC and shared with his permission

Passwords – “What are they good for?  Absolutely nothing.” 
(with apologies to Edwin Starr and Elaine Benes)

Over these last few days, I have received a bunch of calls from people that thought they had gotten hacked (they hadn’t – just an annoying advertising pop-up window in their web browser), those that weren’t sure if they got hacked (some did, some didn’t) and some that were definitely hacked and they knew it and so did their email provider, social media accounts and financial services partners. … Read More »

Two Important Tech Tips from Adam

Apple Updates

Apple has released iOS 13 for your iPhone and will be releasing it for the iPad shortly.  DO NOT UPDATE TO iOS 13.  Apple loves to have it’s customer base be final beta testers.  They are notorious for having a very buggy first release.  Please wait for iOS 13.1 to arrive Tuesday, September 24th. … Read More »