Bo Bo Garden (Buford Highway Foodie Frenzy #8)

Week 8, and we’re still loving every minute of the Frenzy! Several people have asked about how we choose the restaurants we visit. It’s actually something I have become quite passionate about and, well, borderline obsessed! I pour through food blogs, restaurant reviews and especially love reader suggestions. I liken it to when you get on Face Book to check a quick feed and then four hours later you realize what just happened. With restaurants, there’s so much information out there and it can easily take you down that rabbit hole! But it is so fun and gratifying when you hear feedback from readers that are enjoying our guilty pleasure!

This week was particularly gratifying and validating from two different sources. My wonderful Mom, Phyllis, saved Thursday’s section of the AJC which had their new Atlanta top 50 restaurants. El Rey del Taco, Gu’s BistroNam Phuong and two others we’ll be visiting soon were all on the list!  It was kind of pathetic when I realized that I was beaming with pride when I saw our babies on the list!

One restaurant that also made the list that I am anxious to try is Sushi House Hayakawa. Unfortunately, they are only open for dinner and Audra and I are trying to stick to lunchtime hours. This place is supposed to be the mack daddy if you are in search of a new sushi spot. If you go or have been, please post your comments!

Then on Sunday, I tuned into Atlanta Eats with Steak Shapiro and Mara Davis and they just happened to be eating their way down BH too. They hit all our recent haunts and gave me a few more ideas for upcoming dining experiences! Once again, I started beaming! Yes, it is sad…I know!

We invited an amazing guest this week with the theme of “Friendz from afar”. Our visitor, Jill Nunnelly Yoder, grew up in Dunwoody, went to Peachtree High School when it was a HS and not a MS and now lives with her wonderful husband and 3 kids in “the City”…that is Peachtree City!   Jill is one of my longtime BFF’s that I knew would appreciate some indulgence into the “real city”…where diverse cuisine rules! Jill and Audra are both always up for fun, so I knew Bo Bo Garden would be a good choice for these fun-loving girls. This was the restaurant that had been recommended by Nancy Chian Gresham’s parents and also showed up in the AJC top 50 list, so I knew it was on the fast track! Unfortunately the two AHA readers from Greenville, SC that were also scheduled to join us, had to cancel at the last minute.

We went on a dark and rainy day, which always makes me crave a little comfort food. Bo Bo Gardens delivered!

We started with the seasonal vegetable (Chinese broccoli) with oyster sauce and Three Kinds dumpling. The broccoli was delicious, but we were hoping for more with the dumplings. I keep hearing about Chinese dumplings but have yet to experience the Yen!

Next, Jill and I had Manila clams with black bean sauce. I enjoyed them more than Jill, but can say they were fresh and tasty, but lacked some kick.  Audra’s allergic so didn’t partake!

The highlights of the meal were the filet served over green vegetable that was similar to spinach and the amazing spicy chicken stir-fry that they made especially for us upon request.

The menu was extensive with so many things we wanted to try. We learned the hard way that if you want to try a casserole rice dish, place the order ASAP. It takes about 30 minutes to make and unfortunately we didn’t have the time. Knowing that, I definitely want to go back for the Spare Ribs with Black bean sauce Casserole Rice.

The staff at Bo Bo Garden was very kind and accommodating throughout our entire meal. What we have noticed in general from our BH romp, is that other cultures don’t always understand and comply with American 30 minute lunches. We’ve never felt rushed and they have all been happy to let us hang out as long as we would like. With that being said, you sometimes need to take the bull by the horns when it comes to asking for the check and getting the bill paid. Once again, we took home a slew of to-go boxes for the family. Whole fish and lobster are specialties of the house that would be worthy of a return trip also. The tanks in the back full of swimming live fish are waiting for YOU!



Bo Bo Garden
5181 Buford Hwy NW
Atl, GA 30340
Find them on Facebook
Health Rating: 90!

Our team rating:  3.3 Stars


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Disclaimer:  This is not a paid advertisement.   The owners of  this restaurant are unaware of this article at time of publication. 


3 thoughts on “Bo Bo Garden (Buford Highway Foodie Frenzy #8)

  1. Thanks for a fun time of delicious food and friendship!! I don’t get out of “the city” as much as I’d like, but would definitely venture north for some more of that delicious eggplant! And chicken! And filet! Keep the reviews coming, Pats!!

  2. Hi – if you are ever looking for foks to join you would I would love to go to one of your lunches along wit Paul McKeon, one of the partners of the Food Movement. We’d have fun!

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