Bo Bo Garden (Buford Highway Foodie Frenzy #8)

Week 8, and we’re still loving every minute of the Frenzy! Several people have asked about how we choose the restaurants we visit. It’s actually something I have become quite passionate about and, well, borderline obsessed! I pour through food blogs, restaurant reviews and especially love reader suggestions. I liken it to when you get on Face Book to check a quick feed and then four hours later you realize what just happened.… Read More »

Canton House Chinese Dim Sum (Buford Hwy Foodie Frenzy #6!)

Foodie Frenzy – Week 6! Canton House Chinese Dim Sum

Flashback 20+ years to recent college graduates, Audra and Patty, who planned an “educational” trip up the California coast with the final destination being San Francisco. On the list of things to-do was find a good dim sum restaurant in famed China Town. Following the advice of either Fodor’s or Let’s Go, which were the travel bibles at the time, we ended up at House of Nan King.… Read More »

Gu’s Bistro (Buford Highway Authentic Szechuan Chinese)

Authentic Szechuan Chinese Restaurant

Everyone knows that Audra is a good southern girl who loves her Auburn Tigers and OHS (Opelika High School). I am very similar in my love of AU but my HS allegiance differs because I love my Tucker Tigers!  When September rolls in, so many of us are immersed in the Friday, Saturday and Sunday action on the gridiron.… Read More »