Community Pool Options

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

Update:  Thanks for the updates from Deerfield (no initiation fee/change to hours) and to Dunwoody North (explanation of planned renovation)   I’ve updated the spreadsheet!

The last time I updated our neighborhood pool list was 2018.  I just took some time to update for 2020.   Most have opened this week for the 2020 summer season but some have not. … Read More »

Recent Highlights from Lunch with Lauren

Recent excerpts from our Lunch with Lauren Facebook Group by Lauren Townsend for The Aha! Connection

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Seasoned batter may be secret to fried okra

I can’t wait to try out this fried okra recipe from Marlow’s Tavern (1317 Dunwoody Village Parkway, Suite 102,…! I’ve never made it like this before.… Read More »


by Danielle Garrett of PlanIt Itineraries for The Aha! Connection

We have all seen the pictures on the news and social media of empty airports, social distancing on planes and even some packed flights. All airlines have come out with guidelines, but don’t assume they are following the same rules! After reading through some of the guidelines, passengers may have varied travel experiences based on how an airline is choosing to state their guidelines.… Read More »

Have financial questions during this crisis? Financial Innovations can help.

By Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

We’ve been working with Laura Schilling for many years.  She’s a financial planner, wealth manager, and estate attorney.  She and I believe that there are many people who could benefit from her knowledge during this time.  She’s offered for people to submit questions directly to her or via comment on our website or Facebook. … Read More »

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9 Tips from a recent Girl’s Trip

By Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

One of my college besties and I recently sheltered away together for a few days.  It’s so funny to me how every time I go away for time with any gal pals, we all end up learning interesting take-away tidbits!   Following are a few items that Carolyn and I took away from the weekend:

  • Molly Sims Recommended Malibu Quick Fix for Color Correction
    • I put this one on Carolyn’s hair last week and her blonde brightened beautifully!
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Book of the Week: River People

I read this book in one day.   I’ve never even heard of the author, Margaret Lukas, as this is only her second novel.   A friend recommended it and it is free with Kindle Unlimited.

The setting is rural Nebraska, in the late 1890s.   17-year-old newlywed Effie and 11-year-old orphaned Bridget must struggle to endure their evil husband/father Reverend Jackdaw at a time when women and children had few rights, and society looked upon domestic abuse as a private family matter.  … Read More »

Mental Health Counseling Scholarships Available for Front Line Workers

In case you hear of anyone in need:

Atlanta Specialized Care is providing a limited number of scholarships covering 100% of individual treatment costs for front line workers whose mental health has been impacted by their service during COVID-19. They have offices in Dunwoody and Alpharetta.  Interested parties should contact Tatiana Matthews

Tatiana Matthews MS, LPC, CRC
Atlanta Specialized Care
www.atlantaspecializedcare.comRead More »