The Foodie Gift Guide

By Lauren Townsend for The Aha! Connection

Anyone who considers themselves a “foodie” would love any of these gifts. Also, I would love any of these gifts … Lynn Townsend HiNt hInT.

  • Colored Stem Glasses. These glasses are so gorgeous and come is a variety of colors so you can keep it monochromatic or mix it up.


  • Anti-pasta from E. 48th Street. Is there are better anti-pasta in Atlanta? No! Over-the-top, hand sliced and arranged … people drive from all over to grab one for the holidays. They close for Christmas so plan ahead and place your order.


  • Ice Tray Treats. This cookbook gives all kinds of great ideas for sweet treats. Not only are the recipes great to make with kids, but easy for college kids with limited space.


  • Fresh Market is really a treasure trove of gourmet snacks. If you make it past the mountains of seasonal snacks, head to the cookie and cracker aisle for real foodie treats. The crackers make cheese pairing not just a breeze, but a delight. It feels like the person in charge of cookie purchasing at Fresh Market loves shortbreads and I am here for it because I. Do. Too.


  • Squishy Croissant. Even cooks get stressed out. Channel all the aggression into a realistic squishy croissant.


  • Cake Stands. I love a glass cake stand. My best friend bought me my first antique depression glass one for my 20th birthday. Almost all our cakes go on it. Cake stands are versatile for displaying treats or just adding something extra.


  • Banana Saving Hats. ADORABLE! Your kids love bananas and eat them all. So, you buy more bananas and then your kids stops eating bananas. Then you have tons of bananas for banana bread. Buy a banana hat to prolong their time outside the freezer.


  • Kitchen Helper. This one is more for the foodie in the making. It’s a starter knife set that has made me feel better about my child using a knife.


  • Le Creuset Cast-Iron Pan. This versatile pan is a must. New cooks. Seasoned cooks. Everyone can use this pan. If you haven’t managed a crispy crust, then try this.


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