The Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe (Buford Highway Foodie Frenzy #10)

Immediately after leaving Bo Bo Garden and with not much arm-twisting at all, Audra agreed to a visit to the Sweet Hut across the street from Bo Bo Garden. It is recommended on Atlanta Eats. Plus, the swirly pink awnings had caught our attention for several weeks in a row. I had read that they were known for theirTaiwanese bubble tea (which we didn’t try) and their amazing pastries. This beautiful, authentic gem blew us away! We chose a pastry with sliced hot dogs and relish, a pastry filled with Nutella, and a chocolate butter-cream pastry. My kids and neighbor friend, Kaitlyn Kern loved them all! Audra’s family devoured the sweets in one sitting! We ordered drinks to go….I chose a delicious ginger tea and Audra a white chocolate frappe! Yum to the Yum! Don’t miss the Sweet Hut!

Note from Audra:  The Sweet Hut website gives a great description of the concept and announces a second location coming to Midtown soon:

“Sweet Hut is a boutique bakery and bistro established in April 2012 that specializes in Asian delicacies, snacks, and drinks. From the legendary Hong Kong polo bun to the reputable Chinese tea-egg to the refreshing flavors of Taiwanese bubble tea, there is always something new in our shop to pique your curiosity and satisfy your appetite. Every morning, a delectable array of breads, pastries, and cakes are created fresh and indulged in by the appreciative many. Coupled with a fine selection of specially made coffees, juices, and teas, there’s no better way to start or end your day with a bit of sweet treats.”

Until we eat again!

The Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe
5150 Buford Hwy, Suite A-100

Doraville, GA 30340

Current Health Rating: 86

Our team rating:  3.75 Stars


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Disclaimer:  This is not a paid advertisement.   The owners of  The Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe are unaware of this article at time of publication. 

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