Dunwoody High School Honors Governor’s Honors Program Finalists

Sophomores: Noah Covey (Mathematics) Lydia Fletcher (German) Valen Lawson (Science) Paris Ruiz (Theatre Performance) Juniors: Bobby Bellen (Communicative Arts) Alexandra Buhl (Spanish) Isaiah Gardner-Dinerman (Communicative Arts) Jackson Grant (Engineering) Rachel Greenwald (Communicative Arts) Tyler Sacks (Communicative Arts) Andrew Sonnier (Engineering) Alex Eldridge (Mathematics) Samantha Cameron (Social Studies) Iman Hoque (Social Studies) Shreya Nainwal (Social Studies) […]

LearningRx Giveaway: Free Cognitive Skills Assessment!

Receive a FREE Cognitive Skills Assessment using the Woodcock Johnson III (regularly priced $199 – $249).   Cognitive skills are the underlying abilities required for our brains to function effectively. This standardized cognitive skills assessment can pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in the brain in areas such as: memory, attention, auditory processing, visual processing, logic and […]

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Experimental Gardening session at Brook Run

The Dunwoody Community Garden & Orchard is presenting its monthly Master Gardener session on Sat., May 20 at 11a.m. This free, one-hour presentation will focus on different gardening techniques for growing vegetables, flowers and fruit in small places. Topics will include straw bale gardening, raising peanuts and trash can potatoes. The talk and tour will […]

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Alefbet Preschool at Congregation Beth Shalom

Discover. Explore, Celebrate ….your children at the Alefbet Preschool! From the moment your child walks into our doors, they will be actively engaged in dynamic learning and challenging Jewish early childhood curriculum! We provide a healthy balance of child-directed and educator-guided activities, as well as time for children to work individually and in groups. Flexible […]

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Risa Walter Director of Early Childhood Education
(770) 399-7622

Success at World Championships For DHS Robotics Team

What a way to cap off a rookie season! Dunwoody High School’s newest robotics team, WildCat 5e, competed in the FIRST® Robotics Competition World Championships in Houston on April 19-22. It was an amazing experience! The team finished the qualification matches ranked 3rd in our subdivision. We captained the 3rd seeded alliance into the playoffs […]

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Will Granata

Portable classrooms in Dunwoody not inspected – CBS46 News

In the city of Dunwoody, there are several top notch schools. And as the student population has grown, so have portable classrooms, which are popping up everywhere. Robert Miller began looking into the overcrowding issue a decade ago when his children were forced to learn in trailers. “We don’t know how old the trailers are, […]