Troy’s Burger Corner: Strip Steaks and Sushi

This past week I had lunch at Strip Steaks and Sushi in Atlantic Station. Knowing it was a steak restaurant, I figured they probably had a good hamburger. This turned out to be true, and I really enjoyed it. None of the toppings were out of the ordinary, but the patty was thick and tasty. Also served on the side was a vinegary steak sauce, which was really tasty for dipping.… Read More »

Treehouse Restaurant & Pub

This past week my family ate at The Treehouse Restaurant & Pub in Buckhead. Being an old favorite from their younger years, my parents thought it would be cool to take my brother and me to experience the Treehouse. We all thoroughly enjoyed our food and my parents loved chatting about fun old times. I had the bison sliders with Manchego cheese and smoked onion aioli and they were delicious.… Read More »

Troy’s Burger Corner: The Shake Shack

My parents visited NYC last year and came back home raving about The Shake Shack in Manhattan. Therefore, I had high expectations when setting out with a friend to check out the new Shake Shack in Buckhead.  We both ordered the Smoke Shack burger with cheese, cherry peppers, all natural Applewood smoked bacon, and “ShackSauce” (a slightly spicy, sweet and sour blend of mayo, ketchup, mustard and spices).… Read More »

Troy’s Burger Corner: The Coffee Crusted Burger at Ten Bistro

Last Sunday my family had lunch at Ten Bistro in Peachtree Corners. After receiving a mouth-watering description and recommendation for their burgers from an interested subscriber (Kim Pope), we had to give it a try. Their feature burger is the Coffee Crusted Burger. With smoked Gouda, tomato, Tabasco-fried onions and red pepper aioli this burger is very tasty.… Read More »

Troy’s Burger Corner: Bocado Burger- “Bocado Burger Stack”

The original Bocado in Atlanta, famous for their Bocado Burger Stack,  has branched out with a new Bocado Burger fast casual location in Alpharetta in the new Avalon Shopping Center about 10 miles from Dunwoody.

After seeing this burger towards the top of many Atlanta food article lists, I couldn’t pass up the chance to try it and to check out Avalon.… Read More »

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Troy’s Burger Corner: The Red-Eyed Mule


The Red Eyed Mule- “Jake’s Sloppy Slaw Burger”

by Troy Anders

When I read that Food Network star Alton Brown said this was his favorite burger in Atlanta, I had to give it a try.  After I tried it, I couldn’t have agreed with him more. This Burger is a 6 oz black angus patty topped with “sloppy jimmy” and coleslaw, with 2 buttered and crunchy Texas toast buns.… Read More »

Introducing “The Burger Boy”

Well, I doubt he’ll let me call him that but he left for school before I had a chance to write this introduction and show it to him.   To say my oldest son loves burgers is a serious understatement.  The Vortex is famous for their burgers but you have to be 18 to enter… So, for at least 3 years Troy has had his 18th birthday entry on my calendar “lunch at The Vortex”. … Read More »

The best burger I’ve ever had!

My kids will eat just about anything with very few exceptions.  I love that they are adventurous eaters because I love to try new recipes and new restaurants!  However, if given the choice both of them will choose BURGERS the majority of the time.  Actually, they’d choose steak every time but they know that our budget doesn’t allow for unlimited steaks.  … Read More »