Recipes you will LOVE: Today’s Featured Chef – Anderson Cannon

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Aha! Connection Recipes you will LOVE

Foodie Patty thinks I’m a great cook but not sure that’s true. I’m just a grill guy that usually shoots from the hip. When she asked me to share a favorite recipe I was stumped, don’t really have any “recipes” of my own.… Read More »


Anderson Cannon

Recipes you will LOVE: Today’s Featured Chef – Mike Casey

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Aha! Connection Recipes you will LOVE

Recipes, for me, have never been an “etched in stone” kind of thing.  Whether I’m following a recipe in a cookbook/online, trying to recreate something I’ve eaten at a restaurant or simply making something up, I rarely repeat a recipe verbatim. … Read More »


Mike Casey

Recipes you will LOVE: A Valentine Season Feature from Foodie Patty

by Patty Moncrief

AHA Connection Recipes you will LOVE

I think most of us can agree that Valentine’s Day can be a daunting holiday, especially for guys. I know it is a bit unfair, but some of us ladies have high expectations for what Valentine’s Day should be.   We put just a LITTLE pressure on our significant other not to screw up.… Read More »

Recipes you will LOVE: Today’s Featured Chef – Matt Kern

Submitted by Patty Moncrief

Aha! Connection Recipes you will LOVE

My first featured chef is dear friend and neighbor, Matt Kern.

Hello to all you AHA Connection followers! I have the pleasure of sharing with you some recipes that I hope you will enjoy this Valentine’s Day.

I grew up in Atlanta, so many of my culinary influences come from Southern Chefs and the Southern comfort food my mother made when I was a child.… Read More »


Matt Kern

Souper Jenny Cooks! – a Foodie Patty Giveaway (Giveaway is closed. Winners were announced via email.)

Foodie Frenzy #21: The Wing Factory

Foodie Patty has had too busy of a schedule this week to let you know about our awesome Wing Factory lunch so I’m going to take a moment and let you know  about it!   We headed over to their new Dunwoody location (near Dunwoody Tavern) last Friday for a late lunch and sat outside in the beautiful fall weather on their quiet lovely patio. … Read More »

Patty’s Foodie Frenzy #20- Whole Foods and Sprouts

This Frenzy takes us on a little detour from Sandy Springs restaurants to the mecca of gluten free products that Audra is in search of.  The number of people who have gluten sensitivity astounds me. I am fortunate that I don’t have gluten issues yet, but am excited to jump on the bus because you never know what is going to hit you next.… Read More »

Samad Mediterranean Grill and Market (Patty’s Foodie Frenzy #19)

Not only did we have a new area to discover this week, we also went on a search for a delish restaurant with gluten free options. After searching for an interesting and off the beaten path restaurant, we settled on Samad Mediterranean Grill and Market. In one word….SCORE! Although there were very few patrons in the restaurant when we arrived, we were confident it would be good based on our research.  … Read More »

Foodie Frenzy #16-The Food Movement (Food Trucks)


Upon declaring that we were giving up Buford Highway for lent and going for seafood options, Audra and I have been tinkering with a fun, spring food theme. One of the major benefits of living in a thriving ‘burb of an amazing city is the limitless creative options of ways to graze. Since food trucks have become extremely popular in the past few years, Audra and I agreed that it would be fun to check out the cornucopia of possibilities out there.… Read More »

Hammocks Trading Co.~ Foodie Frenzy-Week #15

Hopefully everyone saw Audra’s previous post that I made the “difficult” decision to give up Buford Highway restaurants for Lent. The BH dives have become that favorite blankie for me that I just can’t seem to put away. Lent is the perfect time to start the weaning process and jump into a new theme. Until April 5, we will be in hot pursuit of good restaurants with a seafood/fish focus.… Read More »

Foodie Frenzy-Week #14-The Crawfish Shack Seafood Restaurant

With all the high-end seafood restaurants in Atlanta, I have long sought after a reasonably priced, casual seafood place that wasn’t Red Lobster. The Crawfish Shack Seafood Restaurant tucked away in a strip center near the old Jim Hearn driving range on Buford Highway was quite a pleasant find. From the moment we opened the door and saw the beautiful array of fresh seafood, fun décor picnic table seating and many accolades on the wall, Audra quickly predicted that this joint would be one of our favorites.… Read More »

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