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Health Point Chiropractic ~ Tips for Supporting Your Child’s Mental Health

As a parent, you want your child to be happy and healthy. But just like adults, sometimes, children can feel overwhelmed by stress or experience episodes of poor mental health.

If you’re noticing your child is going through a hard time or seems to be in a funk, here are some tips for supporting them:

  1. Talk to your child about what is causing them stress.
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Peggy and Audra Visit CrossFit Dunwoody

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

I first visited CrossFit Dunwoody in April of 2019.  Much has changed since then.  First, the owner, Glenn, has gotten a haircut, a wife, and will become a father in October!  Probably more noticeable are their new digs…. CrossFit Dunwoody vacated their space in the Dunwoody Village shopping center now occupied by Village Threads and moved about 100 yards away into the out-parcel that used to be Jiffy Lube. … Read More »

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Audra and Peggy’s Visit to CycleBar

by Audra H. Anders for The Aha! Connection

Something I have never said before:  “Be back in an hour I’m going to spin class!”  Well, that is until last week.  CycleBar Dunwoody invited Peggy and me to try a class.  We were both worried we might die but sort of talked each other into it. … Read More »

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Health Point Chiropractic & Wellness

10 Reasons You Should Consider Chiropractic Therapy

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One of the most sought after forms of alternative healing is chiropractic care. Amongst cancer survivors who seek chiropractic therapy, 84% do so to alleviate pain, improve mood and sleeping habits, as well as to relieve stress.

The purpose of chiropractic treatment is not only to relieve pain, but to improve quality of life by alleviating systemic problems relating to muscles and the central nervous system.… Read More »

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Curves – Audra’s Personal Experience

Well – I guess I’m on sort of a “fitness frenzy”.  After my visit to Pure Barre a few weeks ago I was contacted by Dunwoody Curves owner Allan Slimming with an offer to come check out their program.  Yes – he owns Curves and his last name is really “SLIMMING“.  Well, “slimming” is exactly what I need, so I agreed to try Curves as long as I could bring my fitness “side-kick” Annemarie too!… Read More »