Visit Medieval Times Today – Deals for Aha! Subscribers!

Submitted by Peggy Smith, The Aha! Connection

I recently had the adventure of taking my family of four to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament for the first time.  Located in the Sugarloaf Mills Mall, it took us about 25 minutes to get there on a Saturday afternoon from Dunwoody.  Parking is free and easy and the entrance is easy to find. 

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Computer Repair Recommendations Needed

Last week’s survey indicated that y’all miss all of my pleas for service recommendations.  So I’m going to work on remembering to do this more often and figure out a way to somehow combine your recommendations with our directory.  So….since I’ve been in the middle of a computer crisis over the past month (Wifi issues, old computer finally dying, switching from Comcast to AT&T Fiber, etc.) I’ve been the neediest customer for my favorite computer guy.  I refer him to my friends all of the time.  I’m sure many of you have a favorite computer repair service but many of you need help!  Please leave a comment if you have a computer service to recommend.  Include contact information!  I’ll leave a comment on my own but for the record…..I couldn’t survive without Adam Freedman at Dunwoody PC!  Speak up if you agree!

Leave a comment with your computer repair recommendation!

Griffin Tree Service – Audra’s choice!


Note from Audra:  “Darryl Griffin is wonderful to work with! I discovered Griffin Tree Service over a year ago and wouldn’t use any other company.  Everyone I’ve referred to them has been very pleased with both price and service! If you need tree work done give them a call!





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Darryl Griffin

Thank you for sharing travel guru- Danielle Garrett of

A trip to Italy has been on my bucket list for most of my life! Although I have been a flight attendant for 28 years, I had never had the opportunity to explore this area. I found on The AHA! Connection and knew I was on to something special. I shared the information with my sister and the rest was bliss. Planning a two week vacation to Italy on my own was over my head, not to mention stressful to carve out the hours to do the due diligence for an amazing vacation. Danielle Garrett came to the rescue! She carefully listened to our needs, goals and dreams and carefully crafted exhilarating days and memorable nights that literally melted like sweet chocolate in an Italian backdrop. It was comforting to find out that Danielle was behind the scenes as we moved from Rome to Naples …Pompeii to Sorrento …Naples to Florence… as she was monitoring our connections and reminding drivers to be timely for our arrivals and departures! Wow! She carefully helped us the pace our travels allowing time soak up the Italian ambiance, savor meals…wine without sulfites…and off the beaten path experiences. She connected us with the most passionate tour guides, lovely accommodations and punctual, friendly drivers…all executed flawlessly.

Bernadettes Hair Salon is Fabulous!

Submitted by Peggy Smith, The Aha! Connection

I recently had the pleasure of going to Bernadettes Hair Salon & Wig Studio for the first time.  Located off Jett Ferry in the Chick-fil-A shopping center, I’ve driven by many times but had no idea what I was missing!  The salon is welcoming, clean, and clutter free which immediately relaxed me (okay, it may have also helped that I was there without my young children!)  In addition to a multitude of hair salon services, I was most blown away that Bernadette’s offers a full wig studio.  Set in a private room which helps to make the experience as stress-free as possible, the wig studio houses synthetic and human hair wigs and also provides custom order options.  Read more about this wonderful service here.  

Onto my much-needed haircut … When you have long, thick, curly hair, it is challenging to find someone that can not only keep the length and the curl but also give a proper haircut.  Leila understood my hair and my lifestyle and did just that!  Leila’s story is incredibly interesting … born and raised in Bosnia but completed cosmetology studies in Germany and then joined Bernadette’s 18 years ago after arriving in the States.  Leila is clearly an expert in what she does and I would absolutely go back to her again and again.

If you are looking for a hair salon, I highly recommend this great neighborhood spot! 

Bernadettes exterior  Bernadettes wigs 2Bernadettes LeilaPeggy hair before & after




      Entrance                        Wig Studio                  Fantastic Leila!              Before & After



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Check out Chloe’s Pops!

Chloes PopsWhat better way to cool off this summer than to check out Chloe’s Pops!  As the all-natural alternative to frozen yogurt and ice cream made with only real fruit, filtered water and a touch of organic cane sugar, Chloe’s pops are now available at over 90 Kroger locations in the Atlanta-area and definitely a fun, ‘cool’ way to eat fruit this summer.  At only 60 calories a pop, Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit Pops not only contain the underlying nutritional benefits of the fruit itself but also provide a slow ‘drip-factor’ for no mess due to the high fruit content and exemption of preservatives, additives, high fructose corn syrup, and stabilizers.

Peggy’s Personal Recommendation! 

What I love the most is that these are Inspired by a mother’s desire to satiate her craving for frozen sweets without compromising healthy living habits.  The Pops are available in Dark Chocolate, Mango, Pineapple, Raspberry and Strawberry.  I took my children to test these out and they unanimously agreed that Strawberry is the best!  Perfect treat for a hot morning at the playground. 

What are your favorite flavors???  Let everyone know by using #ChloesCoast2Coast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

Colton PopsElla Pops

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Community Pool Recommendations

Vermack Pool – Peggy & Audra’s Choice

A new Aha! Subscriber (Kristin C.) inspired me to create a new article for the community regarding pool choices!  Interestingly enough, one of the first Dunwoody centric spreadsheets I ever created was a pool choice spreadsheet back in 2003….TWELVE years ago when my baby was 2!!

We originally joined Wynterhall Swim & Tennis and LOVED it but by the time my boys were in elementary school they wanted to move to Vermack Pool because they have a high dive, it is close enough to bike without crossing Mt. Vernon, and also numerous Vanderlyn buddies are members.  As they have gotten older they love to “pool hop” with their friends who are members at other area pools!  As you can see there are many reasons to choose a pool…a few others to mention would be price…tennis/golf availability….neighborhood etc.  

Click here for Our 2015 Pool Choice Spreadsheet!

Once you click the spreadsheet you can click on the plus sign to zoom in and make the font bigger!   If you have corrections or comments please comment on this post and I’ll make updates!

Remodelers/Renovation Specialists

Click here to find the compilation of Re-Modeler/Renovation Specialist recommendations from Aha! Subscribers as of 03/10/15

We haven’t updated this important list for several years and I’m sure there are some new great choices out there!  Please respond to this post via the comment section if you can recommend  someone for home remodeling for kitchen, bathroom, basements etc!    Please include name and contact information and any comments that you want to include.   I’ll update the list to add any new ones as soon as possible!

There are many talented folks who that are responsible for gorgeous renovations all over Dunwoody and our surrounding cities.   Please share your information so we can all benefit from these skilled folks!

Recommendations Needed: Christmas Brunch in Atlanta

A friend/Aha! Subscriber suggested that I ask for your help in finding great places for a family Christmas brunch in Atlanta.    The chefs in my family always cook, but the older I get the more I like the idea of going out for Christmas dinner.  This way everyone can relax and enjoy the holiday! 

Do you know of a great place to take the family for Christmas or Christmas Eve Brunch?  Please comment here!

I found this link from Open Table with 39 restaurants that take reservations for a Christmas meal but really want to know your thoughts too!

Atlanta Christmas Day Restaurant Reservations from Open Table